5 benefits of choosing aluminum windows


Are you looking for energy-efficient aluminum windows for your project – a public facility, villa, single-family house, or other building you created? Check out five benefits for which you should choose Fintecnic aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows and doors for energy-efficient and passive houses

Choosing windows for a home, office, or public facility is challenging. Issues to consider when selecting windows for a specific investment include thermal insulation, acoustics, environmental and aesthetic aspects of production, energy efficiency, dimensions and fit to the structure and design requirements, and modern solutions to enhance the aesthetics of the entire building.

The dominant trend in the window industry is energy efficiency and using sustainable materials for aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are among the most popular design solutions and are often chosen for prestigious investments. What are the benefits of buying windows from our company?

Energy efficiency

Saving thermal energy in various types of spaces, such as passive houses, offices, and public facilities, is an aspect that is particularly important with ever-increasing energy prices. Energy-saving windows are famous for improving a building’s energy efficiency and are most often used in passive houses and public buildings.

The solution used for the production of aluminum windows is ALIPLAST’s Genesis 75 aluminum profiles, which guarantee energy efficiency, design functionality, and reliable thermal properties (Uw from 0.90). It is a three-chamber system with an extensive range of sections, which allows the creation of modern window designs, taking into account the minimization of heat loss using various color options from the RAL palette.

High-quality and environmentally friendly production

Aluminum is a 100% recycled material and, therefore, fully safe and beneficial to the ecological environment, which is why it is such a popular material for window production.

At Fintecnic, we care about every aspect of ecology in producing aluminum windows, and we know how ecology is an essential aspect for investors and interior designers. For this reason, our employees’ commitment to ecology does not end with producing aluminum windows. Skillful selection of sustainable production materials has allowed us to create reliable, high-quality products for ten years.

Design aestethics

In public buildings such as office buildings, window aesthetics are a critical purchasing factor. It is not without reason that the design trend is for large windows that allow more light into rooms. An example is the Aluprof MB-86N window and door system.

What makes it different? A two-component central seal guarantees excellent thermal insulation in passive houses and public buildings. In addition, Aluprof MB-86N windows are characterized by outstanding aesthetics and high energy savings. Windows equipped with these profiles also have wide thermal breaks to increase thermal insulation.

Excellent thermal insulation performance of windows

Are you looking for aluminum windows with excellent insulating properties for your investment? We recommend considering the carefully designed, certified ALUPROF MB-104 Passive Fintecnic window and door system.

Why should you include this system in your project? First, this system has a unique thermal envelope with high insulation for the opening window (UW from 0.53 W/(m2K) and acoustics, which guarantees minimization of heat loss and excellent soundproofing of rooms. Aluminum profiles allow easy installation of various types of double-glazing, acoustic, and burglar-proof glass, so it is worth considering these profiles in passive construction investments or modern finishing projects.

Are you looking for a reliable window and door system for installation in a modern detached house or villa to protect your property from heat loss, strengthen the structure, and ensure durability for many years? Check out ALUPROF MB-104 Passive aluminum windows, perfect for passive construction.

Durability, versatility and functionality for years

One of the essential advantages of Fintecnic aluminum windows is the durability of the structure for many years and the functionality of the windows thanks to the design solutions introduced, for example, the Max Light Design line of aluminum profiles.

Aluminum windows using Max Light Design series profiles are solid construction, have specific shapes, and have reliable insulation properties for many years. It is an ideal solution for fixed, single-sash, or double-sash windows in passive buildings and modern construction facilities, and the design of aluminum profiles effectively protects any building from burglary.

Modern aluminum windows – only at Fintecnic!

Are you looking for aluminum windows of unparalleled quality, which are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and meet stringent construction requirements? Take advantage of our offer of aluminum windows.

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