Frequently asked questions.

Where is the company’s headquarters located?
FINTECNIC’s head office is located at 6 Targowa Street in Aleksandrów Łódzki.
How do I contact FINTECNIC?
You can contact us by phone – tel. +48 795 186 226, by email – office@fintecnic.pl or visit our office in person.
To whom is FINTECNIC’s offer addressed?
We sell windows to private and corporate customers.
Can aluminium windows be installed in the home
Absolutely! Warm aluminium profiles (sections are connected by a thermal plastic insert) are used for residential construction. Aluminium windows are resistant to weather conditions and intense solar radiation. They are resistant to mould and are not affected by moisture.
Are aluminium windows more durable than plastic windows?
Aluminium guarantees the longterm durability of joinery. It is a corrosion- and weather-resistant metal. Unlike PVC, aluminium does not deform. Aluminium windows and doors will last much longer than PVC windows.
Why are aluminium windows more expensive than plastic windows?
Aluminium profiles cost more than PVC because they are much more rigid, more durable and do not need to be maintained.
In addition, they are characterised by the highest stability (among window materials). They are lightweight and strong.
What is Uw?
The Uw coefficient indicates how much heat passes through the window, which means that by choosing a window with a low Uw, it will be easier to maintain a constant temperature in the room and you will pay less for heating.
How are windows, doors, gates and accessories transported?
Windows, doors and accessories are transported by professional drivers in specially adapted vehicles. Each transport is prioritised in order to ensure the best possible delivery quality.
How do I place an order?
Orders can be made by writing to our email requesting a quote for the window kit needed. Once the quote has been completed, all information regarding the future purchase is available to the customer.
Which technical values are most important for doors and windows?
The most important values are Uw, and Rw. Uw – heat transfer coefficient, Rw – sound insulation coefficient.
Is investing in a high standard of windows worthwhile?
Definitely yes. High standard windows provide convenience, security and fewer defects. In addition, high-standard windows have better technical performance, which translates into greater durability and energy efficiency.
What should you consider when choosing windows for your new home?
Purchasing windows is one of the most important decisions when building a house, and its effects will be felt for many years to come. It is a good idea to be guided by technical parameters – thermal penetration, water-tightness and tightness. However, you should not forget about your own experience or opinions about the window manufacturer.
Do the windows require additional cleaning and maintenance in addition to normal cleaning?
Once a year, the gaskets should be lubricated with gasket cleaner and the fittings with hardware oil.
Do I find burglar-resistant windows in the FINTECNIC range?
Our product range includes WK2 class burglar-proof windows with special burglar-proof hardware, guaranteeing a high level of security.
What is the coextrusion process?
Thanks to the use of special profile manufacturing technology (the so-called coextrusion), the white-coloured versions have a part of the PVC profile under the top layer, e.g. wood-like in colour, which makes any damage during use invisible.
Why is profile class A important?
All PVC profiles are classified according to their external wall thickness. Class A is the highest profile class, informing us that the profile wall thickness is equal to or greater than 2.8 mm. This important technical parameter influences:
– The contact surface of the PVC profiles welded together – thanks to the larger contact surface of the profiles, the weld is stronger, which makes the window corner more durable
– greater rigidity in comparison with profiles from lower classes, which translates into greater resistance to the hardships of everyday use and the activity of solar radiation
Why is it important that the reinforcement in the frame has a closed section?
Thanks to the use of steel reinforcement with a closed section in the window frame, we can be sure that the elements bolted to the frame, on which the window sashes are hung (e.g. hinges) or anti-balance hardware catches, have a sufficiently rigid and durable connection.
Is it true that black gaskets are better than grey or brown?
Windows fitted with coloured gaskets are subjected to the same rigorous testing for airtightness as those with black gaskets, and the results show that there is no difference between them
Does FINTECNIC deliver products directly door to door?
Yes, our company delivers the product to a place convenient for the buyer, out of concern for the customer’s comfort.
Are the goods being transported insured?
Yes, all windows purchased from us are insured against damage caused during transport.
Do coloured windows command a higher price than white windows?
Yes, you have to pay a certain amount extra depending on the variant you choose:
– When purchasing coloured on one side – approx. 20% surcharge
– When purchasing double-sided coloured – extra charge of approx. 40%.
– A surcharge of approx. 50% when purchasing double-sided coloured in other colours
Is it possible to obtain a price list?
A quote is provided after the order has been emailed to our staff member.
Are energy-efficient windows more expensive?
Energy-efficient windows may be more expensive, but that is only because of how much benefit they offer. Increased thermal and acoustic insulation, and top-quality workmanship are the most important features of energy-efficient windows.
How do I make a claim?
To make a claim, please contact our staff by phone or email – reklamacje@fintecnic.pl
Are external roller shutters burglar-proof?
We offer both regular and burglar-proof external roller shutters.
Which models do you recommend most in terms of energy efficiency?
Some of the most energy-efficient windows are Salamander BluEvolution 92, BluEvolution 82, Veka Alphaline 90 and Softline 82. They have very low heat transfer values and offer good sound insulation.
Should the sill strip be unscrewed for window installation?
The sill strip used for Fintecnic windows does not need to be unscrewed. The use of a seal between the frame profile and the sill profile ensures optimum thermal insulation. Sliding constructions or entrance doors are a different case, where the sill trim is used to protect the threshold during transport. The skirting board must be unscrewed to ensure the structure is properly supported during installation.
Should I leave the mounting wedges in or not?
Wedges used for window installation are divided into two types:
– supporting
– spacers

Supporting wedges (blocks) serve the purpose of supporting and stabilising the window in the window opening, therefore they should be placed in a permanent manner and not protrude beyond the face of the frame. These wedges must not be removed once the window has been fixed to the wall because of their role. These wedges must not be removed once the window has been fixed to the wall, because of their function. On the other hand, spacer wedges should be removed after the window has been installed, and the space left behind must be filled with installation foam.
What is so-called ‘warm fitting’?
“Warm installation”, also known as layered installation, is the term used to describe the installation of windows using three layers with strictly defined properties, thanks to which we protect the connection zone between the window and the wall from moisture and frost.

The inner sealing with vapour-proof tape protects the thermal insulation layer against the penetration of water vapour and moisture from inside the building.

The middle layer (installation foam) acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator.

Sealing the exterior with a vapour-permeable tape on the one hand protects against the penetration of moisture into the middle layer, while on the other hand it allows moisture to escape from inside the building to the outside. The significant reduction in thermal bridging at the connection between the window and the masonry as a result of protecting the insulation layer from moisture makes ‘warm fitting’ recommended as the optimum solution for window installation.
How to prepare for installation?
Correct preparation for installation usually involves proper straightening, removal of dirt and smoothing. Moreover, one should not forget to make the horizontal and vertical walls of the reveal cohesive. An additional structural layer made of solid material is recommended in the case of ceramic blocks. Only the next step is levelling and leveling.
How much does it cost to measure and quote?
The measurement and valuation of the windows is free of charge provided you sign a contract with our company. If we are to perform the measurement only, its cost is 2 PLN. net/km calculated in two directions from the company’s headquarters plus 100 PLN. net/each commenced man-hour of window measurement. The measurement itself is free of charge.
I live outside Poland and would like to purchase windows for my home. Can I do this through FINTECNIC?
Our company can deliver windows, doors, gates etc. to any country in Europe.
Does Fintecnic offer assembly?
We offer all methods of installing windows, doors, gates etc. available on the Polish market.
What Uw score do Fintecnic windows achieve in tests?
The transmission coefficient largely depends on the window model, its size and the type of glass used. Our windows achieve the best parameters at Uw=0,6 W/m2K
What is the lead time?
We deliver standard orders in 10 working days and custom orders up to 8 weeks.
How long is the guarantee period?
Fintecnic provides a quality guarantee for a period of – 2 (doors) and 5 years (windows). The guarantee period is calculated from the date of purchase. It is conditional on correct installation and use in accordance with the cleaning and maintenance instructions enclosed. The list of products covered by the guarantee is included on the invoice.


– durability and colour of profiles and strength of construction joints,
– the maintenance of the function and functioning of the fittings,
– tightness of glazing units.


– adjustment of fittings and window maintenance,
– dewliness of external and internal glass and glass cracks occurring during operation,
– irrelevant defects (i.e. defects that do not affect the functional value of the window).

After the warranty period has been exceeded, complaints will not be accepted. Fintecnic is not responsible for window defects resulting from improper installation. The guarantee for the installation is granted by the installation company. It is also responsible for the correct adjustment of the windows. The guarantee service will repair acknowledged defects as soon as possible, but no longer than 30 days from the date of acknowledgement of the complaint. This period may be extended by agreement with the customer. Before the service visit, please remove from the window any additional elements (e.g. blinds, shutters) not supplied with the window.

Is it true that fintecnic uses 3mm glazing packets in its windows? Can they also be used for large glazings?
We use safety glazing, which is made up of 3mm. glass panes bonded with foil. It can be used for large glazing areas of up to 3 m2.
What is the difference between window replacement and window installation?
Window replacement differs from mere installation only in that, when replacing, the old used windows must be removed and disposed of.
What does the service look like?
Window servicing consists of lubrication of the seals, cleaning and lubrication of the hardware and periodic adjustment of the windows, and should be carried out at least once a year, as a condition of maintaining the guarantee.
How long does it take to replace several windows, for example, in a typical flat in a block of flats?
In good weather and high temperatures, removal installation and window treatment can be completed in one day but two days should be safely assumed.
What is the scope of the installation work?
We install virtually every type of joinery, i.e. pvc windows, wooden windows, aluminium windows, garage doors, roller shutters, entrance doors, internal doors, etc.
What causes the glazing to steam up on the outside of the window?
The phenomenon occurs in spring and autumn. It is related to the higher humidity of the air, as well as the greater temperature differences inside and outside. This phenomenon is not related to either the weight of the glass or the weight of the window.
How can we improve window tightness?
The tightness of the window can be improved by adjusting the strikers or pivots on the window fitting. The adjustment points depend on the type of fitting. For assistance with this step, please contact the point of purchase of the window or the manufacturer directly.
What are the methods of window installation?
Corner windows are connected to each other by a so-called 90-degree or 135-degree joint.
Possible causes of permanent deformation of window frames and sashes.
In PVC windows, the sash takes the shape of the frame, so the frame should be checked first. Slight deformation on the sash is acceptable, provided that it remains airtight against wind and rainwater infiltration. The window should open and close smoothly.
What to do in the event of a glazing packet leak?
Water vapour between the panes of glass means that the glazing package has leaked. In this case, its immediate replacement is recommended.
What is warm glazing?
Warm glazing is a glazing package in which one of the panes is coated with a layer that reflects thermal energy. Glazing prepared in this way helps to maintain the temperature in the rooms, so that lower heating bills can be achieved.
What is the infiltration rate?
The infiltration rate is the amount of air passing through the window at a given time. It is specified in the Technical Approval.
When measuring a window, is it better to specify the height or the width at the beginning?
For window dimensions, we specify the width first and then the height of the window.
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