Aluminium facades

Aluminium and glass facades are modern solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality for residential and commercial buildings.

They provide an abundance of natural light, connect interiors with the environment, and guarantee energy efficiency and longevity.
Such facades represent a modern architectural style with light, robust structures and attractive design.
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Large glazings as an attractive and practical solution

Modern construction is bringing new trends to the architectural market, and glass and aluminium are materials that are increasingly being used in residential and commercial buildings. We are living in times when the sight of a building entirely made of glass does not surprise anyone, but rather arouses interest. In the window market, the demand for more and more glazing is growing year on year.

Aluminium-glass facades look very attractive, but in addition to their decorative function they are a very practical solution. First and foremost, large glazings provide the right amount of natural light in a building, and the interior thus becomes open to the surroundings. If there is an attractive landscape or a well-tended garden behind the glazing, this solution has a positive effect on the well-being of the people in the room.

Aluminium and glass facades Łódź – a modern trend that is gaining in popularity

Glass and aluminium – a modern duo with many advantages

Building trends are constantly changing. No wonder. With advances in technology, new manufacturing options are available, as well as newer and newer construction materials. Better in terms of the properties they exhibit. This is eagerly used in the construction industry. It is becoming more and more modern. Modern construction is not only characterised by ever newer technological solutions. It is the forms it takes and the methods it uses to finish its facades that catch our attention. Following this trend and observing the changes taking place in the construction market, one can observe the growing popularity of aluminium and glass facades, which are eagerly used in construction. Such facades add lightness and subtlety to buildings. They are extremely comfortable to use. Aluminium-glass facades are a unique combination of durability and attractive design. Observing the dynamic changes in the construction market and wishing to meet the expectations of our customers, FINTECNIC.PL has decided to introduce this solution to its offer. So if you are interested in products from this group, we invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer! Such solutions have many advantages. Aluminium-glass facades are a solution that combines an attractive appearance with usefulness! Check out what FINTECNIC.PL has to offer you! Join the ranks of customers satisfied with our services!

Glass facades Łódź have recently become significantly more popular. This fact should not surprise anyone. The use of such a solution to finish the facade of buildings brings many advantages. The main advantage of using this type of solution is that it provides constant access to daylight, guaranteeing the right level of interior lighting. This solution is also easy to keep clean. In addition, glass facades are also an extremely durable solution, which will certainly serve us for many years. However, glass facades are not just about glazing. If we want them to fulfil their function and add to the beauty of the building, they must be fixed to the outside surface of the building using a suitable fixing system. Aluminium profiles are ideal for this role. Hence the idea of glass-aluminium façades, which are used in modern building construction. This solution has many supporters.

Aluminium is a modern material. It offers many advantages. The combination of glass and aluminium is considered to be a very functional solution. Glass and aluminium are materials that can be shaped. This makes it ideal for curved and unusually shaped facades. Glazing in an aluminium profile can be installed in two ways. Each method has a completely different visual effect. The first is to mount the glass panes in an aluminium frame. This causes the individual panels, which are separated by slats, to be visible on the outside. The second way involves gluing the glass to the frame using adhesive.

Why are glass-aluminium facades a good choice?

Glass and aluminium are materials that are eagerly used in modern construction. This combination has recently gained in popularity. Everyone is keen to use it. Aluminium is a very strong material. In addition, it can bear enormous loads. There are many advantages to using aluminium for facades. Although aluminium is a very strong material, it is also very lightweight. Its lightness means that it does not weigh down the building too much. This makes it possible to create even very large structures. Aluminium is also characterised by high resistance to corrosion and excellent tolerance to changing weather conditions. It is not lost to water, frost, wind or UV radiation. Aluminium shows high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as fire. Aluminium is easy to clean and does not require maintenance. All this makes aluminium facades a solution that has recently gained considerable popularity.

Aluminium-glass facades. Why choose them?

It is not only the positive properties of aluminium, as well as its elegant and modern design, that make aluminium-glass facades a good choice. It is also worth mentioning here other advantages of this solution. Glass has very good insulating properties. This means that heat loss is reduced and rooms can be heated with the help of sunlight. Large glazed façades also mean that light enters the building at all times. All of this helps us to reduce our bills! The facades available from FINTECNIC.PL are therefore energy-efficient, which makes them truly desirable on the market! In addition, the glass used can also demonstrate very high soundproofing properties. Take a look at our offer and choose the best facades available on the market from Łódź.

Due to the fact that this type of solution is becoming increasingly popular and the construction market is in great demand for it, our company FINTECNIC.PL has introduced aluminium-glass facades into its offer. This is a new proposal available in our offer, but one that is very popular. FINTECNIC.PL operates in a comprehensive manner. We will therefore create a special project for you that meets all your requirements. We will produce it and then deliver it to the address you specify, as well as installing it. Our many years of experience enable us to realise even the most complex projects. Take a look at our offer, choose the best aluminium and glass facades Łódź!

Aluminium-glass facades at FINTECNIC.PL – see our offer

The aluminium and glass façade Łódź available from FINTECNIC.PL is a solution that will satisfy everyone. So in order to reach as many customers as possible, we have introduced several models of this solution to our offer. Our company manufactures, transports and installs ready-made and fully customised facade systems. Our realisations are always of the highest quality. They comply with current construction standards and each is tailored to the project. The aluminium and glass façades offered in our shop are constructions which include window frames composed of special modules. The individual elements of the glass facades Łódź we prepare are prefabricated. This means that their assembly at the construction site is extremely fast and efficient.

Our company FINTECNIC.PL has products that are used in various types of buildings. They are ideally suited to residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. In addition, the aluminium and glass façades we produce are a product with excellent parameters. So what do you find in our range? We will briefly discuss the aluminium and glass facade systems available in our offer. We will first take the Yawal FA 50N façade system to the wallpaper. This versatile solution is ideal for classic as well as more diverse constructions. Installation with this model is very intuitive and flexible. Consequently, the façade system can take a simple form. It can also connect to the individual elements at different angles. Another proposal available from our company are façade systems dedicated to ventilated façade walls. The Yawal FA OEL facade system is an extremely convenient, universal and visually attractive aluminium facade Łódź. It will provide your building with excellent protection. These systems allow you to be ECO, as they work successfully with photovoltaic panels! The system is also energy-efficient and fits in perfectly with modern construction. At FINTECNIC.PL you will also find facade systems designed to create modern Yawal FA NANO curtain walls. This system makes it possible to create a unique “walls of glass” effect, which gives the façade an unusual charm. We also make facade systems designed to create modern curtain walls MC Wall. With its help, curtain walls can take on simple as well as more complex shapes. Its construction features vertically arranged columns and horizontally arranged racks. These are connected to each other by a special stainless steel stud. This solution can be used to construct classic façades as well as roof windows. The second façade system used to design curtain walls is the Aliplast MC Passive system. This system also belongs to the mullion and transom systems. Using this system, curtain walls can be created that can take any shape. Both those that connect in a line, at 90 degrees, as well as other variants. In this system, the construction is based on aluminium sections and transoms. Our company, FINTECNIC.PL, wishes to ensure that the products we offer are in accordance with the customer’s expectations and the designer’s requirements. This is why we are very fond of this system and highly recommend it to every customer. Another professional facade system, Aliplast MC Passive Plus, which is basically a newer and more advanced version of MC Passive, was developed based on this system. It is also a mullion and transom system. It, too, allows curtain walls of any shape to be created (straight lines as well as those joining at various angles – up to 90 degrees). The structure of this system also uses aluminium sections and transoms. FINTECNIC.PL’s offer is so extensive that everyone will easily find something that best suits their needs. In addition, all this at an affordable price.

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