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A conservatory is a place where we can relax and be close to nature at any time of the year.

Modern conservatories can also serve a typically utilitarian function, for example as our workspace.

A well-designed conservatory is characterised by top quality workmanship, functionality and aesthetics and design.

More and more people living in detached houses are choosing to build a conservatory. A year-round conservatory can come in both insulated and cold form and is usually connected to the body of the house by a single wall.

The conservatories offered by Fintecnic are manufactured on the Aliver 2000+ aluminium system by ALIPLAST.

The system is fully compatible with other Aliplast systems for making conservatory wall fillings including non-opening glazing, lift-and-slide doors, tilt-and-slide doors, folding doors and windows.
The system is characterised by a thermal insulation of ~2.0 W/m’K.

System characteristics:

  • supporting structure inside (below the filling), rafters 105 mm or 125 mm deep
  • rafters and external fascia boards in soft (rounded) and clearly defined rectangular shapes
  • variety of gutter shapes, possibility to attach anti-pollution nets to the gutters
  • system drainpipes available, can be built in
  • rafters and gutter beams can be reinforced with aluminium or steel sections
  • the system includes articulated joints in the gutter and ridge beam, system ties, connectors for gutters and downpipes
  • slope angle 5-45°
  • The Aliver 2000+ system is suitable for cellular polycarbonate fillings as well as glass (single, combined single and double-chambered).
  • The Aliver 2000+ system meets the requirements for thermal insulation of the profiles, rainwater and air tightness and guarantees proper ventilation with appropriate ventilation devices regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Wide choice of colours – RAL (Qualicoat 1518), structured colours, wood-effect colours Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anode, bi-colour


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