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Sliding windows – interesting and modern interior design

When finishing a house or flat, property owners are surely wondering how to save as much space as possible while at the same time providing the interior with as much sunlight as possible. Classic casement windows, especially the larger ones, require a lot of space to be left open. Among other things, this makes it necessary to move potted plants or other decorations close to the glass, as well as to completely open the blinds or curtains when opening them.

One of the best solutions for saving space and providing enough light in a building are sliding windows. They provide an interesting and modern interior design and bring the interior closer to the terrace or garden on warmer days, and in winter they allow you to enjoy the views without having to go outside.

Sliding windows Łódź – innovation and convenience

Windows, doors and sliding systems are window systems that are gaining in popularity. This system is extremely appreciated by users, especially in southern European countries. No wonder, sliding windows are an interesting and innovative solution that will satisfy almost everyone. Particularly those who like a breath of modernity in their interiors. FINTECNIC.PL has also decided to introduce this solution to its range of products. What are the characteristics of this system and where does it work best? What solutions with this type of system are available from FINTECNIC.PL?

What exactly are FINTECNIC.PL sliding windows?

The working system of this type of window is that the sliding sashes of the window can be moved on parallel planes. This is a great solution that is particularly popular in areas with small spaces where a traditional window model would not work, and also as a balcony exit. The design of the sliding windows is characterised by the fact that they cannot be tilted. The design also incorporates a simple sliding sash function. In addition, this solution uses brush seals at the junction of the sashes with the frame and between the sashes. This solution is also characterised by the limited width of the glazing packages. The use of brush gaskets to seal the sashes is quite an interesting procedure, but a very convenient one. Particularly for those people who want their interiors to stand out with large glazed surfaces.

Where will sliding doors work best?

As a leading distributor of sliding windows and doors Łódź, we are well aware that such a system has found wide application in the construction industry. This is because this model is quite readily chosen by customers for the realisation of various arrangements. Sliding windows are often used as balcony doors or sliding garden doors Łódź. Of course, this model is best suited to modern buildings with spacious layouts. Sliding windows are a good solution for those who prefer minimalism Sliding windows are also popular because they provide a lot of daylight. Consequently, they brighten up rooms, make them feel warm and lively.

The use of sliding windows in construction allows the interior of a building to be opened up to the surrounding landscape. This results in an optical enlargement of our interior space and exposes the landscape surrounding the building. Such a procedure is very effective and adds exclusivity to the interior. Such solutions also fulfil quite trivial and obvious functions, such as their presence facilitates access to the balcony or terrace. Nothing stands in the way of sliding windows that are actually quite a lot larger than traditional windows. It may be interesting to note that such a solution can be used over the entire surface of a wall without any concern for thermal insulation. Sliding windows manufactured at FINTECNIC.PL provide excellent heat retention. These windows are also resistant to mechanical damage as well as atmospheric effects. At the same time, these windows are extremely comfortable to use and lightweight. Which is undoubtedly to their advantage.

Sliding windows Łódź – see our offer

FINTECNIC.PL is a leading manufacturer of sliding doors in Łódź. In our offer you will find many models of this type of solution. It is therefore easy for everyone to find the one that works best for them. Below we will try to give you a little insight into our offer. First of all, we would like to focus on patio doors using the Ultraglide sliding system. These sliding patio doors from Lodz with the Ultraglide system are primarily used in residential buildings, as well as in public buildings. This model is characterised by an increased thermal insulation value. With this model, it is possible to adjust the size of the individual wings to suit individual customer needs.

FINTECNIC.PL also offers DP 180 exterior and interior sliding patio doors. These doors consist of aluminium profiles supplemented with special thermal separators. As a result, they have excellent thermal insulation. With this solution, the performance of the individual door leaf is particularly noteworthy. This is because it can be very large and heavy. Our range of products also includes sliding systems comprising patio doors and windows.

The Moreview sliding door systems available from FINTECNIC.PL are an excellent way of bringing the right amount of natural light into an interior while maintaining an original design in the room. By using Moreview systems in your interior, you can have doors as high as 4 metres! The systems are very stable and robust. Our next proposal is the Aluplast Smart-slide windows. This system is characterised by ease of use and reliability, and the technical solutions used make it waterproof. The system is also characterised by high tightness and wind resistance.

Another option is the HST system, with which you can comfortably connect the interior of your building with your terrace or garden. This will make your garden into a kind of extension of your terrace. This type of garden door Lodz, thanks to its large glazing area, will prove ideal for this role. In this model, the process of opening and closing takes place very easily. This makes it extremely comfortable to use for the customer. This model is ideal for terraces, providing a panoramic view and ease of use. We also offer the Slide sliding window. This model is characterised by extremely high thermal insulation. The choice of this model enables us to make various opening schemes. In a situation where a special frame profile is used, which will also act as an additional track, this model allows us to obtain a multi-track construction. What does this mean in practice? Namely that this model allows us to achieve an effect similar to accordion doors. That is, where several leaves slide over one another when opened, creating a single, uninterrupted passage.

We also offer the Duo SLIDE sliding window, which will prove ideal as an easy-to-operate and durable patio door. This model is built so that the door moves on one or two tracks. Which makes it significantly easier to use comfortably and also saves some space.

Also available from us, the Salamander Jetline window system is another system that is ideal for use as patio doors. This system is characterised by its extraordinary durability and ensures long-lasting, smooth operation. This model of sliding systems is distinguished by its low heat transmission and high sound insulation. Sliding doors of this type can reach a maximum height of 2.2 m and a width of 3.5 m. This model is extremely durable. Steel reinforcements and double sealing are used to protect against bad weather.

Our next proposal is the Aluplast HST 85 mm sliding windows are the ideal solution for people wishing to connect the interior of the building with the terrace by means of large glass doors, giving protection from the weather and a beautiful panoramic view.

The Salamander HST sliding window is a stable and secure sliding system, which is additionally reinforced with special fittings. A double seal has been applied. This gives the system an even higher level of thermal insulation. This increases user comfort. The folding system combines an elegant appearance with space-saving features. This type of door makes it possible to achieve a really generous opening size. In this way, we can have a very large space at our disposal. It is also a solution that works phenomenally well on a balcony. By using this solution, we can also achieve good thermal and acoustic insulation.

The MB 77 HS aluminium sliding window is a proposal that is ideal for use when creating very large sliding structures. This system is characterised by very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Another solution available is the PSK Patio sliding doors and windows, which are based on standard window profiles. In this case, the window slides out slightly into the room and then starts to move sideways. It is also possible to tilt the sash. There are two, three and four-quarter variants of this model.

In addition to sliding doors, we also offer accessories for them. One of these accessories is the SOFT CLOSE system. This system consists of a special mechanism that gently brakes the moving leaf in the final phase, which allows it to be gently and noiselessly connected to the frame. This system is ideal when small children are present in the building. It minimises the possibility of trapping fingers in the door. The SOFT CLOSE rail means easy and comfortable operation of your door, as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Thanks to this rail, the door leaf movement is light and does not require too much force.

Aluminium sliding systems Łódź are modern solutions that have gained a number of satisfied followers. Everyone who likes modern style reaches for this solution. Our company is perfectly aware of this, and has therefore created an offer in which everyone will find something for themselves. At FINTECNIC.PL you will find models that are ideal for the terrace or garden. FINTECNIC.PL also offers the best sliding balcony doors Łódź. Contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We will try to find the most suitable solution for you. At a price that is affordable for you! Feel free to contact us. We are sure you will be satisfied with our services!

Elegant sliding doors at Fintecnic Łódź

When choosing a way out onto the terrace, balcony or garden, it is worth opting for sliding doors. Such large windows, or in fact glass doors, not only provide the interiors with a large inflow of sunlight, but are also very elegant – they blend in perfectly with both the interior of the house or flat, and the building façade, terrace, balcony or garden to which they lead. Thanks to the large glazing, they make it possible to create the effect of combining, for example, the living room with the garden.

Elegant sliding doors Łódź also blend perfectly with furniture in the interior, such as in the living room and other furnishings, as well as garden or balcony furniture. They do not need additional space to open – whether indoors or outdoors. The space can be used in a much better way, for example by placing flowers there. This is another way to visually connect the garden or terrace with the room. In addition, an open sliding patio window is able to connect the interior and garden, terrace or balcony arrangements – bringing these spaces closer together.

In addition, sliding terrace windows can also be part of larger, more elaborate glazings that make interiors appear optically larger. Such large glazings are also a characteristic feature of modern construction – emphasising the character of the buildings and giving them a unique appearance.

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