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Even the best windows will fail without proper installation

What can be done to ensure that windows do their job? A few words about proper window installation

Although windows are an essential part of the façade of any building, even the best-performing windows will not fully fulfil their role if they are not installed correctly. This is a fact that everyone often forgets and does not fully pay attention to. Incorrect installation of windows can result in a number of disadvantages. It can be enough that installed windows are leaky and quickly become damaged. FINTECNIC.PL is aware of how important correct installation is for the window to function correctly. This is why our company offers a comprehensive service! From production, through transport to the desired location, to installation. We entrust everything to our experienced and qualified employees, who know their stuff and have our full confidence. We will tell you about everything one step at a time so that you can verify, based on the knowledge you have gained, that our fitters really do work perfectly. In addition, we’ll make you aware of what you should pay special attention to, and we’ll tell you about the most common mistakes made during window installation.

Ensure proper installation of your windows

When replacing windows or installing them in a newly constructed building, everyone focuses primarily on their size, appearance, shape and also the material we want them to be made of. This is because replacing windows is usually a terribly expensive investment, so we want it to last and accompany us for years. Aesthetics and functionality are a priority for us. We want a nice façade, tasteful interiors, as well as sufficient natural light in these interiors. We want our windows to be durable, resistant to mechanical damage and airtight. Everyone thinks about the appearance and properties of windows. However, when it comes to installation, we don’t think too much about it and leave it to the professionals.

The correct installation of windows is a priority, so as much as possible the installation should be entrusted to specialists. However, it is worth being aware of how the window installation process works. This is all in order to avoid the presence of possible installation errors, which may later become apparent.

What is a standard window installation?

As a rule of thumb, window installation takes place halfway along the width in single-layer walls, in two-layer walls at the outer edge and in three-layer walls at the insulation level. The fitter decides which fixings are used in this process. Anchors or dowels are usually used. In order to carry out a good installation, it must be planned accordingly. Just as important as the window installation is proper planning.

How much does window installation cost? Is it worth saving money on this?

If you’re not a skilled worker familiar with window installation, don’t do it yourself. Having your windows installed by a qualified professional is a guarantee that it will be done correctly and safely. Usually, the process doesn’t take long. Professionals can even complete it in one day. The time taken depends, of course, on the number of windows to be installed. The price of such a service depends on many factors. Many window companies provide a complete service. The same applies to our company. If you order windows from us, you can be sure that we will also take care of the installation.

The price of window installation depends on many aspects, such as the materials used, the type of masonry, the size of the windows, etc. The cost of an average window installation is between 10 and 18% of the price of the windows. We should always obtain a guarantee for use for several years.

How should a proper window installation be carried out?

To do this, the correct window dimensions must first be determined, bearing in mind the size of the wall opening. The window opening must then be prepared accordingly. To do this, it is necessary to clean it, get rid of any defects in the masonry, as well as level the wall surface. The next step is to prepare the frame for installation and make holes for the dowels. The window frame is then installed.

We then fit the mechanical fasteners. At this point we get rid of the auxiliary materials from the space between the frame and the wall. We attach the window sash and make sure it is working properly. At this point we start sealing the window. We wait until the sealant has fully cured. We apply foil and insulation tape. We carry out the masonry work. We seal the interfaces between the window and the masonry with silicone.

Such window installation Łódź achieves the greatest degree of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is nothing but proper thermal insulation. In order to achieve this, the windows have to be installed in such a way as to improve the insulation of the window. For this purpose, a multi-layer installation is used, which aims to get rid of thermal bridges, i.e. to reduce heat loss. This type of installation can be used in three- or two-layer masonry. It requires a lot of skill on the part of the installer. Proper sealing of the junction between the window and the outer wall significantly increases the window’s airtightness.

Steps for proper window installation:

1. Determine the correct window dimensions in relation to the size of the masonry opening.
2. Preparation of the window opening and cleaning of the substrate – removal of cavities in the masonry, levelling of wall surfaces.
3. Preparation of the frame for installation – making holes for dowels.
4. Installing the window frame – removing the window sash and inserting the frame into the opening on spacer blocks and wedges; the frame should be leveled and plumbed accordingly, and more expansion clearance should be obtained at the bottom for sill installation.
5. Installation of mechanical fasteners – depending on the type of wall material, the fasteners are chosen. The mechanical connection of the window to the wall is made with steel sheathed dowels or metal anchors. For timber constructions, screws are used. These are used to fix the window frame.
6. Getting rid of supporting materials from the space between the frame and the wall.
7. Installing the window sash and making sure it works properly.
8. Window sealing – the windows in a house are a key component, determining the thermal and sound insulation in a building. To guarantee these, the spaces between the masonry and the window frame need to be filled with a sealing material – usually mounting foam. It must meet the conditions of air and water resistance and strength. Note that too much can swell heavily and deform the frame, so remove the excess with a knife. Wait 24 hours for it to cure completely. Cover with a layer of acrylic.
9. Applying foil and insulating tape – an important step that will prevent heat loss and the appearance of dampness.
10. Carrying out masonry work.
11. Securing the contact between the window and the wall with silicone.

What are the most common mistakes during window installation?

The mistakes that can most commonly occur when installing windows are many. We will try to discuss the most common ones related to the various stages of installation. The first mistake is incorrect planning of the window installation. Planning is as important as the installation process itself.

We have to decide when the installation should ideally take place and also take into account many other factors, e.g. planned external insulation, planning for the installation of external blinds. Another mistake that very often occurs is not having the wall openings properly prepared. Although this mistake is made frequently, it is quite easy to spot. The window openings must undoubtedly be prepared correctly. Only then is it possible to install the windows correctly. The openings in the wall should be flat, without unevenness, gaps or cracks. The presence of such imperfections can hinder the installation of windows. Our special attention should be paid to the levelling of the bottom edge of the window opening. It is on this edge that the window rests. Therefore, it must be perfectly even. The walls should be measured for flatness and verticality.

Another mistake that often occurs is poorly carried out jamb measurements. This leads to windows being installed in sizes that are either too small or too large. This is usually a consequence of poorly taken measurements. It can also be a consequence of poor planning. It is quite important when the professional takes the measurements. This is because they should already be taken after the edges and foundation have been levelled, but before the external walls are plastered. If the measurements are taken before levelling, it may turn out that there have been some changes in the dimensions during the levelling of the walls. In such a case, it may also turn out that even a millimetre makes a difference and affects the installation effect. This is why we make sure that the measurements are taken very carefully. We use a tape measure and a spirit level for this. Measurements should be taken on both sides of the reveal, and we also make sure that the angles of the window openings are actually straight. For proper window installation, the window must be slightly smaller than the reveal. A small gap must be left for this purpose. This is to insure that the window is not deformed due to temperature fluctuations. The size of the gap also depends on what type of window you have ordered. Depending on whether the window is uPVC, aluminium or wood, the gap will be of different sizes. Usually with wood, the gap is not much smaller.

What consequences will we face in the event of poorly taken measurements? It is certain that we will face them. Sooner or later, however, installing windows of the wrong size will cause problems. There may be damage to the frames, resulting in problems with opening and closing the window, especially in summer. We can also be sure that there will be problems with the tightness of the window. A gap which is too large will prevent the window from connecting to the wall properly, which will affect its tightness. The fitters will probably try to solve this problem with foam, which can also affect the window. Another problem that occurs is when a window is installed on a dirty surface.

Placing a window on a dirty substrate is a fundamental mistake made by careless teams. Additionally, this mistake is the biggest mistake that can be made when installing windows. Which is quite bizarre, because avoiding this mistake is actually very easy. All you need to do is clean the substrate very carefully just before installing the window. Nothing else. Of course, this can be a bit time-consuming, but if this is not done the window will simply leak. What’s more, if the foam is spread on a dirty substrate, it will not adhere to it well enough. This can lead to leaks, which will result in the window not being tight enough. Dirt of this kind also tends to absorb moisture. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that fitters thoroughly clean the area where the window is to be installed. Another sin committed by fitters is the installation of windows without sill strips or connectors. This situation often occurs when dealing with an initial or very negligent fitter. Such fitters allow the window to be installed directly into the reveal. Sometimes they claim that their use is not necessary. However, this is not true. The lack of a sill strip makes it more difficult to install the window sill later on. If a window is installed without a sill trim, it is likely that such a window will not be airtight in the future and will let water through. Consequently, water will enter the room and start to penetrate the wall. The window will also cease to protect us from the cold wind.

Fitting a window without support blocks is also a bad idea. This can lead to deformations and cracks in the plaster. The window frame should be installed using special structural elements. Which one you choose depends primarily on the type of wall and also the window the installer is dealing with. Care should be taken to ensure that the fixing points are spaced at the correct distances. It is important that their number is optimal for the demand. It is not good for there to be too few of them. Nor should there be too many. In any case, this will be problematic. It is not usually the case that fitters try to install windows using only foam. They usually use other fitting components for this purpose. However, if this is how your team would like to do it, strongly oppose it. This must not be allowed, it is a wrong window installation that can have a number of negative consequences. There can be deformation of the frames, the formation of leaks and cracks in the plaster, into which moisture will start to penetrate. Also take care that there are not too many fasteners. If the window is installed with too many connectors, the connection between the window and the wall will be too rigid. This can have a negative effect on the window.

Another mistake that is very common is the incorrect sealing of the window. Incorrectly sealing a window is a fairly common error. It is very important that this error does not occur. Only a carefully sealed window guarantees protection against interior dampness. It is worthwhile for fitters to remember the guiding principle of this procedure. This rule is – tighter on the inside than on the outside. It is worthwhile for you to know that insulation should consist of three layers. Internal, middle and external. We use different materials to fill each of these layers. Such window installation is called layered installation. However, layered installation is not the only good window sealing. Using foam to seal the windows is not considered a mistake. It is the professionals who determine what insulation will be suitable. Foam can provide an adequate seal if the installation team knows how to use it properly. The team should remember that the foam can only be placed on a cleaned substrate. It must be spread in the correct quantity. Using too little of it is not beneficial, using too much of it is not correct either. In itself, however, sealing a window with foam is not a bad thing.
Another very common mistake is to leave the security film in place. Indeed, this mistake does not directly concern the window installation process itself. It definitely concerns the possible post-installation procedure. However, it is worth being aware that it is a mistake to remove the film before the installation of the windows.

It is a mistake to remove the film immediately after installation. It is also a mistake not to remove the film. The protective film is an essential element that should be on the windows during installation. It should also be on them when the building is undergoing various types of construction and renovation work. All this is to prevent them from being damaged. The film protects against scratches or dirt that is difficult to clean. However, if the film remains on the window for too long, it will become difficult to remove. This will be influenced by atmospheric factors. It may become completely impossible to remove.

What is worth bearing in mind when fitting windows?

Our company is well aware of what proper window installation Łódź is all about. Window installation may seem a bit complicated, but professionals with experience shouldn’t have too much of a problem with it. When it comes to installation, there are two things to remember in particular. First and foremost, it is important to remember to do this fitting carefully. Carefulness is very important in this case, and is more important than carrying out the work quickly. It is definitely better to carry out the installation more carefully and over a longer period of time than to carry it out more quickly and have it be accompanied by many mistakes. Secondly, it should always be borne in mind that the way in which windows are installed depends on many factors. The way in which window installation will take place depends on the type of wall the installers are dealing with. What material it is made of, whether it is single layer or multi-layer is also important. Whether the wall is insulated is important. Where the window is installed is important. After all, it could be installed in the basement or on the roof. The type of window itself is important. The instructions of the manufacturer of the window we have chosen are also important. All this has a direct influence on how the window should be installed. Each time, therefore, the assembly will look slightly different. However, the same mistakes are repeated everywhere. It is important to be aware that they can occur. This allows you to avoid them. Our company will carry out the best installation of uPVC windows Łódź, as well as the best installation of aluminium windows Łódź! We are irreplaceable in this!
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