A great honour for Fintecnic


Annually, more than 20 million pieces of joinery come off the production lines, of which almost 70% are sent abroad. There are a number of manufacturers of windows, doors, gates and covers in Poland with great export potential.

Fintecnic has gained a lot of experience in exporting its products, takes care of the high quality of production and has won the trust of customers on international markets. Someone has decided to recognise this!

“Windoor Export Award” competition – identifying leaders

The “Windoor Export Award” competition is one of the most important events in the calendar of the woodwork industry in Poland. Its aim is to appreciate and promote companies which, through their activity, innovation and commitment, indicate the direction of development for the entire sector.

Organised by Stolarka VIP in cooperation with an independent Chapter, this competition attracts the attention not only of industry representatives, but also of the media and investors from Poland and abroad. Each year, the competition’s Chapter carefully analyses the companies’ applications, taking into account aspects such as product quality, innovation, strategies for expansion into foreign markets and customer feedback. This is not only an analysis of numerical sales or export results, but above all an assessment of the quality of the company’s operations, its commitment to the development of the industry and its care for the highest standards.

To be among the nominees for the ‘Windoor Export Award’, companies have to go through a rigorous selection process. Completing the application questionnaire is only the beginning. The judging panel thoroughly verifies each application, and often visits are also made to the companies’ premises to see for themselves the standards of work and production. Interest in participating in the competition grows year on year, a testament to its prestige and importance in the industry.

To emerge among the leaders is not only an accolade, but above all confirmation that the company is moving in the right direction with a focus on quality, innovation and development. Winners of the competition often emphasise that it is an important step for them on the way to conquering new markets and customers, as well as an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other industry leaders.

Woodwork market leaders – an accolade for Fintecnic

In the world of joinery, where competition is fierce and market demands are constantly increasing, standing out as a leader is quite a challenge. However, there are companies that have not only risen to the challenge, but have also set new standards for the industry as a whole. One such leader that deserves special recognition is Fintecnic.

In business, Fintecnic has been consistently building its position in the joinery market for years. Thanks to innovative solutions, advanced production technology and the constant pursuit of excellence, we have won the trust of customers both at home and abroad. But what makes Fintecnic stand out from the competition?

First and foremost, it is the commitment to creating products of the highest quality. At Fintecnic, we constantly invest in research and development, so that our offer is always up to date and responds to the latest trends in construction. Furthermore, we focus on ecological solutions, taking care of the environment and the health of our customers.

Another asset for which we have certainly been recognised is that we focus on an individual approach to each customer. Whether it is a large foreign contractor or an individual customer from Poland, everyone can count on professional advice, flexibility in order fulfilment and support at every stage of cooperation.

Fintecnic – “Windoor Export Award”

Fintecnic’s distinction in the “Windoor Export Award” is a confirmation of our quality and being a leader on the woodwork market. It also proves that Polish companies are able to compete on the global market by offering top quality products, innovative solutions and excellent customer service.

We are honoured to be recognised in the Windoor Export Award and congratulate all the other companies that have been recognised at this important industry event!

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