An absolute innovation in our offer, Yawal TM-77N


Fintecnic introduces a new aluminium system to its range!

An absolute innovation in our range of aluminium windows.
An even more modern, even more energy efficient Yawal TM 77N system !

The TM 77N solution is the answer to the growing demands of individual customers, for whom not only energy efficiency but also aesthetics and window comfort are important.

Main advantages of the TM 77N system:

  • high thermal and acoustic insulation, which guarantees a reduction in heating and air conditioning costs;
  • Eco seals made from environmentally friendly materials. Eco gaskets improve the insulation of windows and are also fully recyclable, which has a huge impact on lowering the carbon footprint;
  • window joinery based on the TM 77N system has been equipped with modern thermal separators and insulating inserts, and the improved kinematics allows even larger window structures to be created;
  • the Yawal TM 77N system allows for the implementation of the joinery in three thermal options, which allows for individual selection of the system to meet one’s own energy needs – whether for detached houses, commercial buildings or industrial facilities;
  • quick and easy installation – the TM 77N system simplifies and speeds up the installation process, allowing investors to plan further work on site efficiently.

The Yawal TM 77N system is a unique solution for modern single-family homes, for investors who value comfort and design.

Contact our specialists and ask for the best solution for you and your investment!

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