External roller shutters – what to look out for when buying and which ones to choose?


A professional approach to the selection of external blinds requires the consideration of a number of technical and functional aspects. Do you realise that external roller shutters perform key functions not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of security, thermal insulation, overall energy efficiency and sound insulation?

In this article, we will discuss the main criteria to consider when choosing external roller shutters – check out what you absolutely must look out for.

Types of external roller shutters and their functionality

External roller shutters are not only a practical but also an aesthetically pleasing element of a building. There are several types, including facade blinds, flush-mounted blinds, over-mounted blinds and screens. Each of these types has its own unique characteristics.

Façade blinds are characterised by their sturdy construction and long service life, while offering protection from the sun and adverse weather conditions. Concealed and over-plaster blinds, on the other hand, provide additional thermal and acoustic insulation and can also provide burglar protection. Screens, made of fibreglass and PVC, are effective protection against excessive heat build-up.

Drive system and installation

It is also important to pay attention to the drive systems – manual or automatic, which can affect the convenience of use and integration with smart-home systems.

Technological developments make it possible to choose between manual and automatic roller shutter operating systems. Manual systems are often cheaper and simpler to install, but automatic roller shutters increase user comfort. Remote control, weather sensors and integration with smart home systems are just some of the features that automatic external roller shutter models can offer. It is worth considering the investment in automation, especially in terms of energy savings and increased security

Mechanisms for external roller shutters, whether concealed or over-plastered, vary according to installation and aesthetic needs. Concealed roller shutters provide an unobtrusive appearance, integrating with the architecture of the building, while over-plaster roller shutters offer simplicity of installation and are easy to maintain.

Which type of external roller shutter you decide on depends on you and the needs of your home. Consider what your expectations are and if you are having trouble making a choice, remember that the specialists at Fintecnic are here to offer professional advice.

Material and mechanism of roller shutters

When choosing external blinds, the material and construction mechanism are among the first and most important decisions you will have to make when buying the perfect blind.

The material from which external roller shutters are made has a direct impact on their durability, appearance and functionality. Popular materials include aluminium, which is lightweight yet strong and corrosion-resistant, and PVC, which offers good thermal insulation and is economical. The choice of material should depend on your specific requirements, weather conditions, maintainability and aesthetics.

Influence on energy efficiency and security

External roller shutters play an important role in improving the energy efficiency of buildings, which translates into direct economic and environmental benefits. Their appropriate use makes it possible to significantly reduce heat loss in winter and excessive heat build-up in summer, which is definitely associated with a reduction in operating costs associated with heating and air conditioning.

Thermal insulation – light and heat control

External roller shutters made of highly insulating materials, such as aluminium filled with polyurethane foam, provide an excellent barrier against heat loss. What’s more, their airtightness and ability to retain a layer of air between the blind and the window creates additional insulation.

By being able to adjust the degree of shading, external blinds allow the amount of sunlight and heat entering the interior to be controlled, which is particularly important on hot days. As a result, the rooms do not overheat, which reduces the need for air conditioning and simply makes the everyday living space more comfortable. This not only has a beneficial effect on the occupants, but also on the electrical appliances.


In addition to energy efficiency, external roller shutters are also an important safety feature. Their design and the strength of their materials can deter potential burglars. Roller shutters made from strong materials, such as toughened aluminium, are difficult to penetrate, significantly increasing the security of a home or building. Additionally, modern external roller shutter systems can be fitted with motion sensors and integrated with alarm systems, offering an even higher level of protection.

Which external roller shutters to choose?

Choosing external roller shutters is an investment that requires a considered decision. You need to consider all the key aspects – material, operating mechanisms, impact on energy efficiency and security aspects.

Remember that properly selected external roller shutters will not only enhance your living comfort, but also contribute to the aesthetic and functional value of your property.

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