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When deciding to buy windows or doors, we consider many different aspects that can have a significant impact on our satisfaction with the investment made. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the experience and reputation of the manufacturer. Reputable companies often guarantee higher quality of their products and better after-sales support. Equally important is the standard of the window profiles, which can significantly affect the durability and functionality of the window. For many people, especially women, the colour scheme is also important and should harmonise with the appearance of our home from both outside and inside.

Glazing parameters also play an important role, especially if energy efficiency and good sound insulation are important. Modern windows are often equipped with additional elements, such as special handles, ventilators or burglar-proof systems, which can increase comfort and safety.

However, no matter how technologically advanced and high quality windows or doors we choose, we must be aware that the key factor determining their full functionality and longevity is professional installation. Even the best window and door joinery, if not properly installed, may fail to meet our expectations. Incorrect installation, may also have consequences related to heat loss, dampness inside the building, as well as problems with annoying noise coming from outside.

This is why it is so important to entrust window installation to qualified FINTECNIC specialists who have a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area. Only then can you be sure that your windows and doors will function perfectly for many years, providing you with high levels of energy efficiency, sound insulation and security. Professionally installed windows are ultimately an investment that will pay off in the form of user comfort and savings on heating costs, as well as increasing the value of our house, flat or company.

How is window and door joinery installed at FINTECNIC? Step by step

At FINTECNIC, we know how important it is to install windows and doors to the highest quality. We attach great importance to this by using the best quality materials. The work is always coordinated by an experienced team of specialists, who take you through all the installation stages step by step. This includes

  • Appropriate measurements – we first establish the exact dimensions of the windows in relation to the wall opening.
  • Preparing the openings for installation – during the measurements, we discuss with the client how to prepare the openings properly. The vertical and horizontal lines are checked, and the area around the opening is smoothed from the outside. This will ensure perfect adhesion and adherence of the window tapes.
  • Prepare the frame – apply window tapes around the perimeter (vapour barrier and vapour permeable), attach mechanical fasteners (anchors), use dowels in special cases.
  • Install the window frame – insert the frame into the opening on blocks and spacer wedges, level and plumb the frame, fix the anchors with suitably sized dowels depending on the masonry material used.
  • We seal the windows – to do this, we fill the spaces between the masonry and the window frame with a sealing material, such as mounting foam, which meets the conditions for strength resistance. It is flexible and soundproof. Once it has dried, we remove the excess foam and tape the window strips to the masonry to form a three-layer joint.
  • We protect the window tapes – The final step is to protect the tapes from the harmful effects of UV rays. We apply a thin layer of masonry/adhesive mortar to the outer tape, which when dry will form a protective barrier.

Airtight installation is a must for us

So-called ‘airtight fitting’ is gaining popularity due to the growing interest in the construction of energy-efficient and passive houses. It is also a response to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and rising heating costs, which account for a significant proportion of building operating expenses.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that the execution of a three-layer installation requires extreme precision and experience, especially in the preparation of the reveals, which must be even and thoroughly cleaned. In addition to sealing the area where the joinery joins the building using polyurethane foam, special liquid tapes or membranes are used, such as SAUDATIGHT from SOUDAL. These create an additional layer of insulation against cold and wind and protect the thermal insulation layer from damage. We are well aware of this at FINTECNIC, which is why airtight installation is already the basis for a job well done for us.
Examples of this can be seen, for example, in the case of .

It is also worth mentioning that warm installation involves three layers of insulation:

  • Outer layer – this is a vapour-permeable layer that allows water vapour to diffuse freely to the outside, while protecting against rainwater penetration into the insulation and the interior of the house.
  • A middle layer that serves as thermal insulation.
  • Inner layer – this prevents water vapour and moisture from penetrating into the thermal insulation layer.

Best thermal insulation with SOUDAL systems

As we have already stated, precision and professionalism of the fitters are extremely important for airtight installation. At FINTECNIC, we can ensure this by using the highest quality materials. There are many companies on the market, but we choose SOUDAL systems that ensure effective window installation in layers, for example for aluminium windows and doors.

The SWS, or Soudal Window System, effectively prevents heat loss through windows by properly sealing the junction between the joinery and the external building wall. It uses polyurethane foam as a thermal insulation material and vapour barrier tapes or liquid membranes, which protect the foam from degradation caused by moisture.
Consequently, the Soudal Window System is one of the company’s key solutions that has been designed with energy-efficient construction in mind. It guarantees a permanent seal of the window joint, relying on three cooperating layers. The base of the system is polyurethane foam, which accurately fills the space between the window frame and the wall, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. To ensure that the foam does not lose its properties, it must be protected from moisture inside and outside the building.

For this purpose, SWS window tapes or Soudatight liquid membranes are used to protect the foam. Vapour-proof tapes and membranes prevent moisture from penetrating from the interior, while vapour-permeable tapes and membranes protect against external moisture while allowing moisture to evaporate to the outside. Before applying vapour-proof tapes, window openings must be properly prepared, levelled and stabilised. If this preparatory work is not a problem, SWS window tapes are the optimum solution.

In addition, the SWS window tape range includes products for application in sub-zero temperatures. However, the entire procedure, as we have already reported on many occasions, must be carried out by experienced installers, as even the slightest negligence can lead to the ineffectiveness of the entire system.

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