Large windows – worth it or not really?


Big windows yes or big windows no? Surely this is quite a dilemma for those in a position to decide. To make the decision easier, it can certainly be very helpful to know what the advantages and disadvantages of large windows are!

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of large windows is certainly the breathtaking view one can enjoy. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people choose them. There are other advantages too, such as the brightness and freshness of the air you will have in your home, and even the possibility of saving on utility bills.

However, large windows also have disadvantages, most notably the lack of privacy. Not least to consider is the fragility of the glass. Finally, consider that they are not easy to clean.

Benefits of large windows

If you are considering opting for large windows, it can certainly be a good idea. In fact, they have many advantages. So here we outline all the advantages of large windows.

Breathtaking views

Certainly one of the positive aspects that tempts people to choose large windows is the breathtaking views. Indeed, whereas from a small window we can only see a small slice of the skyline, from a large window we can see the entire landscape – and this is certainly a very different effect. If we live in a large city, we can observe metropolitan life, whereas if we are by the sea or in the mountains, we can enjoy the view of beautiful natural landscapes.

Brightness and ventilation

Another of the advantages of a large window is that it allows light to penetrate into the room. Natural lighting is quite different from artificial lighting, and enjoying the sun’s rays is definitely better than the light from a regular light bulb.

A bright house also looks bigger and also cosier. Not only can light come in through the large windows, but also a lot of fresh air. This will certainly be an advantage during warmer times of the year.

Saving money

It may sound strange to you, but having large windows will also save you money. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, we said that they let in natural light, so as long as the sun is shining, you can be sure that your home will be adequately lit and there will be no need to turn on the lights. There is also a lot of air flowing through these types of windows.

So you can open them wide in summer to keep your home ventilated and cool. In this way, you can avoid turning on the air conditioners. However, large windows can also be an investment in winter. In fact, if they are chosen of good quality, such as uPVC and with triple glazing, they will help avoid temperature changes and keep the house naturally warmer.

Disadvantages of large windows

Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages to having large windows. Some of these may stop you from choosing them for your home. Let’s check what they are about.

Lack of privacy

It’s obvious that large windows allow us to look outside. However, this means that someone can also look inside the house from outside. We will therefore have less privacy.

Consider, for example, that even if you decide to have large windows in your home on the top floor, there are a lot of tall buildings being built these days, so it is very likely that your home will be visible to someone. If, on the other hand, your house is in a secluded location, you still have to take into account that someone might walk past.

They are difficult to clean

If we have called the size of the windows an advantage in many ways, we must consider it a disadvantage when it comes to cleaning them. In fact, firstly, dirt will be very noticeable as it is immediately visible on the glass. Next, given that glass windows are very high, it will be impossible to clean them without the help of a ladder or special tools.

Glass is fragile

Another negative aspect of large windows is that they are, of course, made entirely of glass. Glass, unfortunately, is not an unbreakable material; in fact, in some cases it can even be quite fragile. A house with large windows is therefore less safe, especially if we have children in it.

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