Moreview sliding system – what’s worth knowing?


Wondering how to optically enlarge the space in your home, looking for innovative solutions and technological innovations, or maybe you want nothing to interfere with the beautiful view from behind the window? The Moreview sliding system will certainly meet all your expectations.

What is the Moreview system?

The Moreview system makes modern sliding doors a premium product. Why is this system unique? The aluminium profiles of the entire structure are mounted inside the floor, ceiling and walls, making them completely invisible to the eye.

This type of solution fits in with current interior design trends. The concealment of the profiles makes the Moreview sliding door ideal for those consumers who value functionality, comfort and, in addition, a maximum of natural light.

Moreover, the Moreview system allows users to enjoy a panoramic view. By using it, we are able to visually open up the room to its surroundings. It also causes the massiveness of the large frame to be visually obliterated and the whole structure to gain in lightness.

The Moreview aluminium sliding system is the perfect solution for those who are looking for state-of-the-art technological solutions with an equally modern and minimalist design. With the Moreview system, it is possible to create a large glazed area without any aluminium elements visible from the outside. Maintain a harmonious, unobstructed design and achieve the impression of a uniform glass surface.

Mounting a door with the Moreview system – is there anything to fear?

The Moreview system gives you the opportunity to create a structure with a large glass surface. Even when closed, the Moreview door system gives a continuous feeling of opening up the house to the surrounding space.

Many people shy away from using this type of solution in their home due to fear of several issues: installation, maintenance and functionality. Once and for all, we will dispel all the doubts that arise for customers considering the Moreview system.


Our staff are highly trained in the correct installation of panoramic doors. Careful and accurate installation is a guarantee of durability, full functionality and therefore the satisfaction of our customers. The installation of Moreview sliding doors takes place from the outside of the building, so any fears of restricted access are unfounded. A comprehensive service ensures perfect door installation.


The materials that have been used in the production of the Moreview system are incredibly resistant to many factors that could negatively affect their condition. With standard cleaning and routine maintenance, the entire system will serve your home for many years.

You will get all the necessary maintenance information from the manufacturer when discussing your project. No worries! It is trivially easy.


The Moreview system is an incredibly functional solution. The doors have both manual and remote control options. This gives you complete comfort and choice in how you open the door. The concealment of the aluminium components completely eliminates the surface, which in doors and windows is the most stubborn element that requires cleaning. All the technical parameters of the Moreview system have been chosen to maximise the performance and functionality of the window.

  • Air permeability – class 4 according to EN 12207
  • Water tightness – class 9A according to EN 12208
  • Wind resistance – class C4 acc. to EN 12210
  • Wind load resistance – class C4 acc. to EN 12210
  • Heat transfer coefficient – Uw from 0.7 W/m²K
  • Burglary resistance – RC2 class
  • Acoustic insulation – Rw 42 dB
  • Impact resistance – class I5/E5 in accordance with EN 14019
  • Gaskets – EPDM, TPE

Moreview system – what is the reason for installing it?

The Moreview system offers enormous potential in terms of design. With the Moreview system, it is possible to visually enlarge and extend the space, which is particularly appreciated in small rooms. Consequently, the use of such a solution makes it possible to almost visually blur the boundary between the interior and exterior of the house. The possibility of obtaining a structure with large glazing also has a positive effect on the lighting of the room.

The Moreview system is also characterised by excellent resistance to sunlight. As a result, the profiles remain in impeccable condition for many years.

What is more, to meet the needs of customers, an innovative control system for the entire system has been developed. It can be managed both manually and via a smartphone. This system is ideal for both those who prefer traditional methods and those who love to use modern technological solutions.

It is also worth noting that the system is waterproof, soundproof, resistant to mechanical injury, as well as changing weather conditions.

Maximum functionality, an aesthetically pleasing and modern look, full glazing and a panoramic view, and at the same time the highest quality – all this the Moreview system can give you.

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