Sliding patio doors – are they a good solution for your home?


Already at the stage of house construction, we should think about several important issues of furnishings. Undoubtedly one of the most important is the choice of patio doors. While we can leave the material for later, we need to know at the design stage how big they will be and where they will be located. There are currently two main types of patio doors to choose from – opening and sliding. The latter are much more popular with architects and homeowners alike, which is why we will devote more space to sliding patio doors.

For it is worth knowing that even when purchasing sliding patio doors, we still have several solutions to choose from. This way of opening the glazing provides us with comfortable communication between the interior and the terrace, optically enlarging both the one and the other area. So let’s learn about the types of sliding patio doors, their advantages, functionality or aesthetic qualities, and see if they are a good choice for your home.

Sliding doors are a natural exit to the garden

If we don’t want to disturb the harmony between the interior of the house and the garden and terrace, modern sliding doors are the natural and also the best choice. They provide a kind of link between the living room and the garden space. They can also be a striking extension of our interior. If you want to achieve this effect, we encourage you to opt for classic bi-fold sliding doors, where the sashes are concealed in cassettes inside the walls. This is also the best way to achieve a smooth and uninterrupted passage that is also perfectly isolated.

What are the biggest advantages of sliding patio doors?

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of sliding patio doors is their ability to open without the need for additional space, both inside and outside the room. This represents a space saving that can be used in other ways, such as creating space for flowers near the terrace. Unlike patio doors, sliding doors also do not require additional security to open, making them more convenient to use.

Aesthetics are a second, but often decisive, factor in choosing sliding patio doors. When opened, large patio doors integrate the terrace or garden into our living room, adding to the aesthetics of the surroundings. Their large glazed area perfectly illuminates the interior of the house and gives the impression of optically larger rooms. Such glazing is, after all, characteristic of modern construction, thus emphasising the modern design of buildings and giving them a unique appearance. At the same time, thanks to the variety of materials and colours, sliding doors blend in perfectly with both modern and classic architectural designs.

Sliding doors mean comfort of use and excellent performance

If you opt for sliding patio doors from a reputable manufacturer, you can expect exceptional user comfort and excellent performance in use.

This is because when you choose sliding patio doors from a recognised company, you benefit from exceptional user comfort and high thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the handling of these large and heavy doors is easy, as sliding them does not require significant effort. In addition, there is an option for the door threshold to be at one level with the terrace floor, which makes it easier to move, especially for the elderly, children or those with restricted mobility. Furthermore, such a threshold looks very elegant and does not interfere at all with the interior design. In some cases, such as with HST lift-and-slide doors, it is possible to control them by remote control.

High-quality sliding patio doors, even in spite of large glazings, effectively protect against cold, noise and increase the level of security against possible break-ins by means of the possibility of fitting internal reed switches.

What material will be best? PVC, wood or maybe aluminium?

As we can already guess, sliding patio doors are the perfect solution for any home. However, before they grace our doorstep, we first need to decide what material they will be made of.

There are usually three main materials to choose from – the cheapest, but not always the worst PVC plastic, wood and the most expensive aluminium. The final choice of material will mainly affect the aesthetics, but will also determine the maximum allowable dimensions of the structure. The largest sliding doors, even up to 12 metres wide, can be made of aluminium, but as we have already mentioned, this is also the most expensive solution. Therefore, if we do not have such a huge demand, it is worth considering a wooden or, in some cases, even PVC version.

However, it should be mentioned that aluminium will be the most durable and resistant to the harmful effects of the weather conditions to which the door will be exposed. Wood will undoubtedly give us a charming, unique and elegant look, which will work well in classic interiors, while the undeniable advantage of PVC will be the price, although we can also find increasingly better quality in this type of sliding door.

Still another, quite interesting option is the use of wood-aluminium doors. As the name suggests, they combine both materials. On the outside, the profile is made of sturdy aluminium, which significantly increases the durability of the product, while on the inside we have elegant wood, which will warm up the look of the living room.

We are left to choose the type of sliding door

If we have already decided that we are choosing sliding patio doors, we have chosen their size and the type of material they are to be made of, we are still left with the choice of the type of such doors. This is because we currently have several types of patio doors to choose from, each of which has its own unique advantages, but often also disadvantages. Below, therefore, we will try to give you a little insight into the most frequently chosen types.

  • HST patio doors – these are lift-and-slide doors that are opened by sliding horizontally. Their main advantages are an elegant appearance, convenient opening and closing, as well as a low threshold that is even flush with the floor. In some cases, they can also be operated automatically by remote control.
  • PAS patio doors, on the other hand, are offset-sliding doors that also open by sliding horizontally. Thanks to its technology, we can also offset the movable sash around the entire perimeter by a few millimetres. This allows us to gently ventilate the room even if it rains. Unfortunately, the downside is that a low threshold is not possible.
  • HKS patio doors – last but not least, tilt and slide doors that also open horizontally. What differentiates them from the others is that they can be tilted from the top edge, making it easier to ventilate the living room. The main advantages of this type of door are price and modern design. The downsides, on the other hand, are the restrictions on their size, the need to use more force when opening them, and the lack of a flush threshold.

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