Why is it so important to choose the right windows, doors and gates for your home?


Choosing the right windows, doors or garage door is of great importance for the comfort, safety and aesthetics of our home. These are decisions that affect many aspects of our daily lives. That’s why it’s worth taking the time and attention to understand exactly why this choice is so important – both for individual customers and for wholesale customers who then install window and door joinery at their own customers’ premises. Therefore, below we will try to outline the problems a builder may encounter during the selection process and what to look out for when choosing a supplier, both for the product and the installation of the window or door joinery.

Why choosing the right windows, doors and gates for your home is so important?

Windows, doors and gates play a key role in providing the right level of thermal and acoustic insulation for our home. Choosing high-quality products is therefore extremely important for maintaining comfort and minimising energy loss.

The most important criterion is precisely the protection against wind and cold from outside. After all, the task of doors and windows is primarily to insulate the temperature. The air-tightness and protection of the building against the cold is therefore unquestionably a key selection criterion. However, for doors and windows to be fully airtight, it is extremely important that they are installed correctly. Proper sizing is also important, as arches can vary in size. Incorrectly sized doors can therefore leave a gap through which cold air and wind can penetrate into the house. This in turn generates additional heating costs and an uncomfortable aura.

Last but not least, it is also important what insulating properties the doors and windows offer. A solid, thick front door provides warmth and effective protection against the cold. The same applies to at least triple-glazed windows, which are already standard in newly constructed buildings. It is therefore worth choosing models with an insulating layer, especially for detached houses. These can be found at Fintecnic, where a group of specialists will help us choose the right window and door joinery. Importantly, good quality window and door joinery from Fintecnic should be important for both the individual customer and the wholesaler, who will then sell and install these goods in many places – so if you care about quality, good reputation and lack of complaints, you should definitely bet on materials and products of the highest quality.

Choosing a door for your home? Safety and insulation above all

Choosing the right door for your home is an extremely important decision that should take many factors into account. First and foremost, attention should be paid to security and insulation, which are crucial for the comfort and protection of the occupants.

Security is one of the most important aspects to look at when choosing an external door. Doors should be robust, burglar-proof and fitted with appropriate security features. Security features may include, for example, burglar-proof cylinders, multi-point locks, reinforced constructions and other elements which make unwanted access to the house more difficult. Let’s not forget that doors should meet the relevant standards and have certificates confirming their safety. In this way, we can be sure that they are robust and effective in protecting the home against burglary.

Another important factor is thermal and acoustic insulation, which we have already mentioned above. External doors should provide adequate insulation to minimise heat loss and protect against outside noise. A well-made door should be thermally insulated, maintaining the right indoor temperature and protecting against heat loss. This will help to reduce heating costs and create a more comfortable atmosphere in the home. In addition, good quality doors provide effective sound insulation, minimising outside sounds, creating a calm and quiet environment inside the building.

For many of us, but especially for women, appearance and style are of course no less important and should harmonise with the architecture of the building and the individual taste of the owners. After all, external doors are the business card of the house, so it is important that they are aesthetically pleasing and fit in well with the overall design. At Fintecnic, solid doors are available in a variety of styles, designs, colours and finishes to suit individual preferences.

What to consider when choosing windows for your home?

Choosing the right windows for your home is a process that requires attention and analysis of many factors that affect the comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics of your building. There are a number of key factors to consider when making your decision, which we discuss below.

  • Window profile: Choosing the right window profile is important for the thermal insulation, stability and durability of the window. It is worth paying attention to thermal insulation parameters such as the heat transfer coefficient, which determines the heat loss through the window. The lower the value, the better the insulation. In addition, check whether the window profile has the appropriate quality certificates, such as the CE mark and waterproof class.
  • Glazing: Choosing the right glazing is crucial for sound and thermal insulation. Check that good quality double-glazed units are used, which are effective in reducing heat loss and noise from outside. In addition, it is worth considering the use of low emissivity (Low-E) glazing and an anti-burglary coating, which improve the thermal insulation parameters and security of windows.
  • Opening system: The choice of the appropriate opening system depends on individual preferences and needs. We can choose from side-opening, tilt and turn, sliding or folding windows. It is worth considering functionality, ease of use and the availability of high quality fittings that ensure safe and durable use.
  • Fittings: Fittings play an important role in the functioning of windows, affecting their durability, tightness and safety. Choose fittings from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and long life. It is worth paying attention to such elements as microventilation, pressure adjustment or anti-burglary protection.
  • Esthetics: Choosing the right windows should of course also take aesthetics into account, so that the windows harmonise with the building architecture and individual style. At Fintecnic, windows are available in a range of colours and finishes allowing you to match your windows to your aesthetic preferences.
  • Installation: The proper installation of windows is crucial to their function and durability. Above all, pay attention to whether the supplier offers professional installation, which will ensure proper fit and tightness of the windows. This is because incorrect installation can lead to energy loss, air leakage and malfunctioning windows.

Why we should not forget about a good quality garage door?

A good quality garage door is not only a matter of aesthetics and convenience, but also a key element in the safety and security of our home. So whether you use your garage as a place to store your vehicles, tools or other valuables, there are a few important factors to bear in mind when choosing the right garage door.

First and foremost, security is a key aspect that should not be neglected. A good quality garage door is not only about solid construction and robust materials, but also about adequate burglary protection. So let’s pay attention to such elements as a multi-point locking system, anti-burglary protection or robust panels with high resistance to damage.

Another important factor is functionality and convenience of use. When choosing a garage door, it is worth paying attention to the available opening systems. We can choose, for example, sectional doors, roller doors or tilt and slide doors. It is good for the door to be easy to operate, safe for users and ensure comfortable everyday use.

Suitable thermal and acoustic insulation are further aspects to consider when choosing a garage door. The tightness of the door and appropriate insulating materials will help maintain the temperature inside the garage, protecting it from heat loss in winter and excessive heat gain in summer. In addition, good sound insulation will reduce noise from outside, which is especially important for a garage adjacent to a house.

And let’s not forget the aesthetics we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. After all, the garage door is quite a large component that significantly affects the external appearance of the building and the entire property.

Influence of the right supplier, and selection problems

Builders often face problems when choosing the right windows, doors and gates for their home. These can include difficulties in understanding the differences between the available options, a lack of knowledge of modern technological solutions, and a lack of awareness of specific thermal and acoustic insulation requirements.

This is why it is so important to choose the right supplier, both in terms of product quality and professional installation. Fintecnic is the industry leader, thus guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability of its products.

A specialised group of advisors and professionals makes every effort to provide individual and wholesale customers with a comprehensive service, from consultation and advice to delivery and installation. As a result, investors can be sure that the entire process will run smoothly and in line with expectations. In addition, the company’s added value is its assistance in dealing with all formalities related to the purchase and installation of window and door joinery, as well as its satisfaction guarantee, giving customers confidence that their investment will be properly executed.

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