Modern aluminium windows and doors in a detached house

Place of realisation



Windows - Yawal TM 77 HI system
Sliding patio doors - Yawal DP 180 system with low threshold
Triple glazing packets with warm frames using safety and anti-burglary glass
Handles with key
Anthracite colour on both sides
External automatic roller shutters Aluprof
Soudal airtight assembly with warm subframes

About realisation

Another investor opted for modern aluminium windows and doors of our production.
The colour - trendy anthracite in both the windows and external blinds, as well as handles in the same colour.
The almost 7-metre long lift-and-slide terrace doors with a low threshold will provide the residents with wonderful views and a large dose of natural sunlight.
External roller shutters installed at each window additionally increase the level of protection against uninvited guests, i.e. burglary.
To ensure that the whole project fulfils its purpose of airtightness and long-lasting function, the installation was carried out using Soudal airtight installation technology with specialised materials, including warm foundations.
The size and weight of the glazing required the use of heavy equipment - a crane - for the installation, which transported the glazing to the right place without any problems.
Modern aluminium windows and doors combined with professional installation guarantee comfort and satisfaction with their use for many years.

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