Modern PVC windows in anthracite colour

Year and place of realisation

Andrespol municipality, 2024


PVC windows - Aluplast Ideal 8000
Joinery colour - anthracite on both sides
Concealed hardware - Roto DESIGNO
Warm distance frames
Warm window sills
Kaldur thermal insulation
Soudal airtight assembly

About realisation

The single-family, single-storey building was equipped by us with energy-efficient PVC windows based on profiles of the renowned Aluplast brand - Ideal 8000.

The investor decided on a double-sided anthracite colour for the windows.

The windows on this profile have triple-glazing packages as standard and are equipped with warm composite frames, further improving the thermal parameters of the joinery.

A guarantee of long-term, trouble-free operation of the windows was ensured by our airtight installation with the use of warm sills and Kaldur warm foundations, used under all balcony and terrace windows.

In the living room, we installed two comfortable and modern HST lift-and-slide windows, which are currently the best solution on the market for sliding window and door systems.

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