Wall mounted aluminium garden pergola

Year and place of realisation

Konstantynów Łódzki, 2024


Aluminium pergola panels - ALIPLAST
Colour of pergola - RAL 9006
Aluminium windows - Yawal TM 77HI system
Aluminium sliding windows - Yawal DP 180 system
Aluminium entrance door with two-sided railing - Yawal TM 102 HI system
Aluminium glass facade - Yawal FA 50N system
Sectional garage door
Joinery colour - double sided RAL 9006

About realisation

The design of this building, PARTEROWY1, was enriched by the Investor and with our participation with a modern and functional garden pergola, perfectly complementing the architecture of the place.

Enclosing part of the terrace with an aluminium pergola, in the same colour as the windows and doors, not only provided a pleasant place to relax, but also blended in perfectly with the building design.

In this case, we see a wall-mounted version of the pergola, which has been fitted with features such as:

- Rain sensor
- Temperature sensor
- Integrated Wi-Fi control system
- Control unit with radio receiver
- Striking LED lighting 

In addition, each pergola can be further enhanced with:

- zip screen

- elegant sliding glass doors

- radiant heaters 

Our pergolas are made of high-quality aluminium, powder-coated to ensure durability and elegance for many years. 

In addition, thanks to the use of seals in the slats and frame, the canopy is airtight and the integrated drainage system effectively prevents flooding of the terrace even during heavy rainfall.

In addition, aluminium pergolas, unlike their wooden counterparts, are virtually maintenance-free - there is no need for additional painting, impregnation or treatment with specialised agents. 

All of the windows and doors in the building are state-of-the-art aluminium solutions - whether windows, doors, facades or sliding systems - precisely manufactured and professionally installed top-quality products that will serve the occupants for many years.

If you're still thinking about choosing windows and doors or terrace roofing solutions - don't hesitate to contact our specialists!

Which system to choose?

Are sliding windows really that convenient and functional?

Is an aluminium entrance door a good solution? 

Do greys work well in everyday use?

Garden pergola or better a conservatory?

These and any other questions will be answered by our specialists.

We guarantee expert advice and assistance at every stage of implementation.

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