The system is used to construct windows, doors and showcases with high thermal insulation parameters for use in residential, public and industrial buildings.

The thermal insulators used in the system (made of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide) and the space between them is additionally filled with polyurethane foam. The system makes it possible to create large-size structures due to the use of reinforced profiles on the outside as well as on the inside.


  • optimisation of building operating costs through increased thermal insulation of profiles,
  •  the possibility of realising modern window construction solutions in various configurations,
  •  bendable profiles,
  •  the possibility of installing windows in façade systems,
  • possibility to build sets of structures combined at any angle
  •  the possibility of using a full range of modern fittings and individual handles or catches thanks to the use of different profile widths,
  •  possibility of using concealed hinges and remote-controlled locks thanks to the profile widths used,
  • split thermal breaks to eliminate the bimetallic effect,
  • Can be combined with other Yawal systems.


 Air permeability class 4 wg PN-EN 12207 class 4 wg PN-EN 12207
 Waterproof E 1050 wg PN-EN 12208 E 900 wg PN-EN 12208
 Heat transfer coefficient Uf = from 1,0 W/m2K wg PN-EN ISO 10077-2 Uf = from 1,2 W/m2K wg PN-EN ISO 10077-2
 Sound insulation Rw = 31÷44 dB wg PN-EN ISO 20140-3
Rw = 28÷42 dB wg PN-EN 20140-3
 Burglary resistance RC2, RC2N, RC3 RC2, RC2N, RC3
 Wind resistance  class 5 class 4 


 Window construction depth  Frame profile 74 mm
 Sash profile 83,4 mm
 Door construction depth  Frame profile 74 mm
 Leaf profile 74 mm
 Glazing thickness for the window  Frame profile
16÷58 mm
 Sash profile
25÷66 mm
 Maximum sash weight  Windows 180 kg
 Doors 250 kg
 Maximum dimensions  Windows – Single-winged: 1400 mm x 2800 mm (width. x height.)

– bi-fold: 2400 mm x 2700 mm (width. x height.)

 Doors – Single-winged: 1400 mm x 3000 mm oraz 1103 mm x 3085 mm (width. x height.) and 1500 mm x 2600 mm (width. x height.)

– bi-fold: 2700 mm x 2800 mm (width. x height.)

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