5 hot interior trends 2024 – check out what arrangements will be trending!


Interior trends 2024 is all about a nod to everything that comes from nature. The most fashionable rooms are full of light, which creates an atmosphere of cosiness and enhances well-being. This is helped by, among other things, large glazings, which at the same time strongly emphasise the character of each arrangement. Check out what else will fire the imagination of world-renowned designers in the coming months.

Fashionable interiors 2024 are full of natural colours and materials

The love of all things natural has become very much embedded in interior design trends. This will be no different in the coming months. Designers are focusing above all on the classics of the genre, i.e. wood, in addition to eye-pleasing linen, cotton and wool.

Trendy interiors are bathed in light – bright colours, including white, beige and warm browns. These are accompanied by earthy colours, including bottle green, soft yellows, oranges and blue tones. A grenade has also crept into the favour of style aficionados and is very often used to decorate one of the walls.

The presence of nature can be seen both in the finishing materials and in the accessories and textiles. In addition, the arrangements of the trend dictators are full of daylight, which the interiors owe to suitably selected windows. The fashionable joinery of 2024 is above all a nod to large glass surfaces. Aluminium windows are a good choice. Not only are they highly flexible – they can be adapted to any interior style and colour scheme – but they are also environmentally friendly.

The trendy 2024 living room is bathed in natural light

Living rooms that were dominated by a cool, modern twist are coming off the rails. Their place has been taken by warm, cosy spaces with a nod to nature and minimalism. Most importantly, however, they let in as much daylight as possible. The interior is intended to be accessible, open and spacious.

Sliding windows, which are synonymous with modern forms of window joinery, help here. They have already been firmly established in trends for many seasons and there is no indication that this is about to change. On the contrary, the year 2024, which strongly promotes interior light, is conducive to exploiting their potential.

Importantly, sliding windows allow light into the room and do not take up any space, which is especially important for living rooms where every square metre counts. What is more, thanks to their spaciousness, they can be used to optically enlarge the space. They also provide a seamless transition to the garden, balcony or terrace and guarantee panoramic views. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at HST patio doors, which open via a concealed track in the floor. In addition to their functionality, the lack of a threshold between the living room and the terrace and their low failure rate, they guarantee the possibility of obtaining significantly larger glazing than their traditional counterparts.

While sliding windows most often appear in modern construction, they should not be enclosed in these frames. Their potential is much greater.

In a nod to the latest trends in interior design, it is also important to let in natural light into the living room by creating impressive glazing over entire walls. Facade systems are here to help. Available in our range, they guarantee waterproofing, wind load resistance and air permeability.

What about the situation when the living room is located in the attic? Is it possible to exploit its ‘light potential’? Absolutely! You just need to know how to do it. All you need to do is to invest in an eaves window – a tilt, turn or non-opening one. The result? Excellent attic lighting combined with views reminiscent of nature, e.g. a sky bathed in stars.

Interior trends 2024 – bet on wood

Wood is a material that has been with us for generations and is firmly established in interior design trends. It only changes in appearance and use, but nevertheless appears in its own right in both finishing materials and accessories.

It will be no different in 2024. Amongst other things, herringbone flooring, wall laths, as well as door joinery that relies on a variety of colourful wooden reveals have crept into the designers’ favour.

Wood corresponds perfectly with any interior style – whether it forms a duo with classic or modern. In addition, the beautifulknie podkreśla białe ramy okien, które w tym roku są szalenie modne.

Interior trends 2024 focus on soft minimalism

Minimalism has been present in the hottest interior trends for many seasons, but this coming one features a slightly softer version. Soft minimalism, as it is called, is characterised by interiors with a modern character, which goes hand in hand with cosiness. In addition, there is a sense of orderliness, while the harmony and sparing use of decoration make the rooms inviting for spending time with loved ones.

In interiors decorated in accordance with warm minimalism, natural materials, including the aforementioned wood, cannot be missing. It is worth introducing warm shades, as well as furniture and accessories with simple forms. Also, do not be afraid of clearly defined edges or large glazed areas, which will make the interior design full of light.

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