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Aluminium windows come in many variants, and it may not be easy for non-experts to get to grips with the technical parameters or the differences between models - we are here to help!

We are a leading manufacturer of aluminium windows and offer comprehensive and modern solutions for aluminium joinery.

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Aluminium joinery gaining in popularity

As is widely known, for many years the most popular type of window joinery has been models made from PVC. However, aluminium joinery has recently become increasingly popular. The most important advantage of aluminium windows is their exceptional durability. Aluminium constructions are highly resistant to humidity, sunlight, temperature changes and mechanical damage. All this translates into the longevity of aluminium windows, so it seems that this solution is the best possible.

We offer comprehensive and modern solutions for aluminium joinery. The aluminium windows we manufacture combine unparalleled aesthetics, innovative functional solutions and the most advanced technologies in terms of energy efficiency.

Aluminium windows – top quality at the best price

Aluminium windows are a product that has recently been gaining in popularity. This trend is developing dynamically on the Polish market. An aluminium window, as the name suggests, is a window in the construction of which we find profiles made of aluminium. Interest in aluminium joinery should not surprise anyone. Aluminium has many advantages, which are valued and willingly used in window joinery. We will discuss these advantages in more detail later. The increasing popularity of aluminium windows is probably also influenced by the style of construction we have been experiencing recently. We’re talking here about modern construction and its characteristic simple forms with large glazing. Aluminium windows fit in perfectly with this trend. Not only because of their modern appearance, but also because these windows meet the quality requirements and are suitably durable.

Aluminium window frames are a products that you will also find in the offer from FINTECNIC.PL. Our company is a leading manufacturer of aluminium windows. No one in does it better than us! In our offer you will find products of the highest quality created with attention to even the smallest detail! Satisfaction of our customers is a priority for us, which is why we strive to make our products both functional and durable, as well as having an original design. All this at an affordable price for everyone! The aluminium windows available from FINTECNIC.PL are very popular among our customers! Become one of them and order the windows available from us today! We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer!

Properties of aluminium windows

Many people have a somewhat misleading perception of aluminium windows. However, the aluminium windows produced today are significantly different from those produced in the past. Aluminium windows used to be considered cold. Nowadays, thanks to the latest technology, these windows have excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the materials used for their construction, aluminium windows are extremely airtight and energy-efficient. As a result, their use in construction greatly reduces the costs associated with heating the building. It is therefore considered that aluminium windows are ideal for use in energy-efficient and passive construction, and such construction has been gaining in popularity recently. The material from which the profiles of these windows are made also has many other advantages. It is characterised by high resistance to difficult weather conditions. Aluminium windows are also easy to keep clean and are maintenance-free.

Aluminium windows – see our offer

Aluminium windows are available in several variants. Our company, the manufacturer of aluminium windows from, FINTECNIC.PL, has several models of aluminium windows in its range. We will briefly discuss each of these in order to familiarise you with our offer. In the first instance we will take Econoline interior aluminium windows. These windows do not have thermal separators.

Another aluminium window model available from us that does not require thermal insulation is the MB-45 model. This double-sash model is perfect for both external and internal applications, e.g. partition walls, cashier boxes. MB70, also available from us, is already a model designed for use in areas requiring high thermal and acoustic insulation. This model has a three-chamber construction. It uses thermal breaks and gaskets to achieve extremely low heat transmission.

Another model with low heat transmission and high sound insulation is MB-86. Aerogel, one of the best thermal insulators, has been used in this model. The MB-104 PASSIVE model is a double-leaf aluminium window intended for external development requiring low heat penetration and increased acoustic insulation. In addition, this model is characterised by high structural strength, as well as incredible water and air tightness. Our next proposal is the three-chamber SUPERIAL window with low heat transmission, which is achieved through the use of a central chamber seal and glazing gaskets.

These windows are also characterised by an increased acoustic insulation parameter. With their help, very low sound wave transmittance can be achieved. Another model, the Decalu 110 Steel, is an extremely modern, inviting two-panel, 3-chamber aluminium window. Like the previous models, this model is characterised by low heat transmission and increased sound insulation. This model is classified as an energy-saving window.

Another model of the Decalu 88 Standard aluminium window is equipped with a thermal break and gaskets, thanks to which it became known as a highly watertight and energy-saving window. Decalu 88 Hidden aluminium window another energy-saving proposition that is somewhat surprising in its form. This model is designed to completely hide the sash in the frame.

FINTECNIC.PL windows – you decide how they look

As a leading manufacturer of aluminium windows, we are well aware of how important flexibility and an individual approach to each customer is in this business. We do it perfectly! We want everyone to be able to find with us a solution and a window model that meets their expectations 100%. That’s why our range is really wide! See for yourself, we have specially prepared a wide range of models for you to choose from. Another unquestionable advantage of these windows is the possibility of obtaining any shape from them. Therefore, you can find aluminium windows available in various shapes in our offer. In addition to classic rectangular windows, you will also find square, round or even arched windows. The latter are often used as decorative interior windows. The variety of available shapes makes the appearance of our windows extremely effective and their high aesthetics contribute to their representativeness.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers and enable them to personalise the windows available in our offer even more, we have made sure that they are available in a wide range of colours. Aluminium windows manufactured at FINTECNIC.PL are available in many colours! What is more, if you wish, our windows can be two-coloured! If you wish, we can create windows for you with a different colour on the outside and a different colour on the inside. In addition, you can also choose their structure. The profiles of the windows we produce can be matt, glossy or even metallised. Which aluminium windows you choose depends entirely on your tastes and fantasies! FINTECNIC.PL will try to fulfil your every vision!

Aluminium conservatory – a green corner in every season

A conservatory is a place created especially for people who do not want to part with greenery even in winter and love to surround themselves with plants. However, such a room does not have to be entirely filled with them – it can also be used as a home office, dining room or meditation corner. When building such a home oasis, care should be taken to ensure a stable framework. Aluminium profiles are the best choice for conservatories, which is why we commonly hear the term aluminium conservatory.

There are many reasons why aluminium windows are ideal for conservatories: they are resistant to moisture, temperature changes, deformation and rust. Their low weight makes them easy to install and their high strength allows the use of narrow profiles, so that the glass surface is larger and the structure gains a modernist and slender shape.

Aluminium windows – examples of use

We already know that aluminium windows are characterised by high resistance to difficult weather conditions. What also distinguishes them is the low weight and rigidity of the profiles, as well as their high strength. As a result, aluminium windows are ideal as a base for the installation of heavier anti-burglary glass, e.g. as anti-burglary windows in shops. Aluminium windows are ideal for glazing large areas. Their extreme stability makes it possible to create effective aluminium glazing. Aluminium windows are ideal for use in a conservatory or on a terrace, for example, or as sliding doors in the garden. The modern appearance of aluminium windows makes them a popular choice for modern building construction, e.g. in public buildings, hotels or office buildings.

  • Aluminium windows for orangeries
  • Aluminium windows for terrace
  • Aluminium sliding windows for the garden
  • Burglar-proof aluminium windows in shops
  • Aluminium windows in public buildings (offices, institutions)
  • Aluminium windows in modern buildings (hotels, office buildings)
  • Price of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows – top quality at an affordable price

FINTECNIC.PL makes every effort to ensure that the production of aluminium windows is always at the highest level. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the price. However, there is no point in saving on quality, especially if we want our windows to serve us intact for years. We make every effort to make the price of the aluminium windows available from our company affordable for everyone. However, aluminium windows will always be more expensive than PVC windows. If you are interested in the price of the aluminium windows available from us, we invite you to contact us! We will provide you with answers to all your questions.

Advantages of FINTECNIC.PL aluminium windows

Satisfaction of our customers is our priority. That is why we pay particular attention to the quality of the products we make. Therefore, we make sure that our windows are characterised by high tightness. We make sure that you can avoid damp air inside. However, it’s not just quality that is a factor in buying aluminium windows made by us. When designing our aluminium windows, we wanted to take comprehensive care of them. This is why FINTECNIC.PL aluminium windows are also about functionality.

The state-of-the-art production methods we use, as well as the properties of the materials used in production, give us the ability to manufacture windows with even the most unusual shapes. We also make sure that the window fittings are properly matched to the size and weight of the window. The appropriate construction of a window is a guarantee of its functionality. This makes their use extremely comfortable and safe. Their safety is also evidenced by the fact that their production is carried out in accordance with the requirements of construction law. So you can be sure that their use is completely safe! Our mission was to reach the widest possible audience, so we made sure that our aluminium windows are as versatile as possible. Our windows are available in many variants, which makes them fit perfectly into the character of various types of buildings. With us, you can easily choose what best suits your needs. For this reason, FINTECNIC.PL windows are ideal for all types of buildings and interiors.

Large aluminium windows are a solution with a number of advantages, which is not surprising since they are used in modern and luxurious buildings and are a popular solution in public buildings, business centres and commercial buildings.

Aluminium joinery has a rightful reputation for being very robust – they are resistant to mechanical damage and extremely durable. High rigidity is another important feature of aluminium windows. Large aluminium windows are also weatherproof. The surface of the material is anodised, which guarantees protection against corrosion. They are also resistant to rapid temperature changes and do not expand when exposed to heat, and thanks to their large glazing area, they can allow very good interior lighting.

Large-surface aluminium windows are available in many different colour options, so that they can be easily matched to the colour of the facade and interior – especially dark compositions of aluminium windows and building facades look great. High aesthetics and a striking appearance are further advantages of large aluminium glazing, and it can also be produced in unusual shapes – thanks to the fact that aluminium is malleable. This makes it possible to produce windows of any size and in almost any shape. Aluminium is a lightweight material; its low weight is one of the factors that allows large glazings to be constructed. The lightness of aluminium joinery is mainly due to the narrow profiles and the properties of aluminium.

They are very easy to maintain and clean, plus aluminium joinery is completely recyclable.

Aluminium windows – ideal for facades and interiors in dark colours

Aluminium windows are available in a variety of colours, but dark windows look best against dark building facades and as a complement to dark interiors. This colour combination is a fashionable and elegant complement to modern facades and modernist interior designs.

Probably everyone’s first association with aluminium windows, especially large-scale windows, are office buildings, shopping centres, government offices and other public buildings… symbols of business, wealth, luxury and modernity, so to speak. The exterior glazed facades of such buildings blend well with the dark elements of their facades. Black, graphite, dark shades of grey and navy blue are colours that make almost perfect compositions with aluminium windows. They are an indispensable element of office buildings, but also in blocks of flats and even in single-family houses such combinations appear more and more often – adding variety to the landscape of cities, towns, suburbs and villages.

What about aluminium windows and interiors, on the other hand? Here, too, they go best with dark colours, which are part of the modern, modernist and loft design of spaces – both residential and office. Black furniture, grey and graphite accessories, roller blinds, tiles – floor and wall tiles, dark brown wood, tiled armchairs, sofas and sofas, brick, architectural concrete – these are just a few examples of dark interior design elements that go well with aluminium windows. However, it is a good idea to add some light elements – to maintain contrast and colour balance, such as white or beige walls.

In addition, large aluminium glazing provides a lot of sunlight to the interiors – so there is no worry that dark colours of furniture and other furnishings will dominate the space and make it feel dark.

Large windows in modern buildings

Developments in technology have made the dream of glass houses a reality and they are within reach! Large expanses of glass surprise and impress, creating a seemingly limitless space….

They are a symbol of modernity and synonymous with luxury. They make a significant contribution to the attractiveness and aesthetics of the facades of modern homes, while at the same time giving them a light appearance. They naturally make interiors more luminous and spacious. Householders can therefore enjoy an abundance of light, and this has an invaluable impact on daily wellbeing and functioning.

So how do you build a sense of unlimited space for your loved ones? You’ll create it in rooms with large glazing – they’ll be full of sunshine, open up the home to the landscape and create a sense of freedom. It is worth pointing out that innovative, modern concepts of glass architecture are increasingly daring to make use of large-scale glazing. Glass corners, panoramic and two-storey windows. They are characterised by their lightness and at the same time their grandeur. They are particularly suitable for open-plan rooms. They make it possible to achieve the effect of maximum transparency and permeation of space.

Large expanses of glass are no passing fad – quite the contrary! The great potential of glass is that it is timeless and versatile. An interestingly designed façade with large glass panes creates the aesthetic qualities of a building and also influences the interior comfort and well-being of the occupants.

The bright and beautiful interiors are due to the large glazing areas – they provide the maximum amount of light. In modern house designs, the largest amount of glazing is proposed primarily in the living zone.

This is where householders spend most of their time, especially during the day. This is also where they celebrate smaller or larger celebrations and invite guests. Spacious terrace windows, balcony windows and other large glazed areas make it possible to optically enlarge the living room, dining room and kitchen. They also make it possible for these spaces to be functionally connected to the terrace, balcony or garden. You can not only gain in spaciousness, but also get additional space – with a spectacular view of the garden or the amazing landscape that surrounds the house.

Full glazed walls are also increasingly being incorporated into private parts of the house – they can be found in bedrooms, bathrooms or spa areas. Such a solution not only looks, but is also beautiful and original, and is also associated with a kind of luxury and momentarily sets the perfect mood.

Large aluminium windows – not just for office buildings

We associate large aluminium windows above all with modern city centres – skyscrapers that gleam proudly in the sunlight, majestically dominating the surroundings, while elegant ladies in stiletto heels and gentlemen in suits look through the glass of these office buildings. But large aluminium windows are also used in residential construction.

Nowadays, large glazings are increasingly common in apartment blocks. Particularly in high-rise blocks in modern districts, where, thanks to large windows, you can not only have access to a balcony or terrace from the living room, kitchen or other rooms, but the entire glazed area offers a breathtaking view of the city or the natural beauty of the surroundings.

In detached houses, too, large aluminium windows are growing in popularity. Architects are nowadays creating amazing house designs that are even based on large glazing. The shapes of such houses include, for example, the use of large corner windows, sliding aluminium window-doors that allow access to the terrace, balcony or garden and visually connect them to the interior.

Large aluminium windows are also used in other buildings where large glazings are welcome. We are talking, for example, about shopping and service centres or airports, railway stations, train stations and other transport facilities, they are also museums, galleries, exhibition centres, concert halls, cinemas, theatres, sports facilities and even garden sheds.

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