Aluminium windows – how to combine stylish design and ecology



There come times when one is faced with a dilemma involving the choice of suitable windows. Whether it’s building a house, making a general refurbishment of a flat, or deciding to insulate your four walls – you want to bet on windows that have the right thermal insulation parameters and at the same time look good – choose proven aluminium windows!

Aluminium windows look great in interior and exterior design, they give the possibility to create large glazing areas – which translates into very good illumination of interiors with sunlight. In addition, window joinery made of aluminium ensures high tightness of interiors, thanks to the use of modern technological solutions in its production. More and more often energy-saving and passive solutions are used in the construction industry – aluminium joinery is ideal for such ecological and economical solutions.

Aluminium windows in the home versus ecology – passive and energy-efficient windows

More and more requirements are being placed on windows manufactured today. So what if their frame looks exceptionally beautiful, if they are not able to provide protection against the cold? For this reason, the focus today is on ecological windows, the parameters of which are able to provide adequate thermal insulation of interiors. Modern aluminium profiles make it possible to achieve a very good heat transfer coefficient.

According to the latest regulations, in buildings that are constructed from 1 January 2021, the heat transfer coefficient (U) must not be more than 0.9 W/m2K. Aluminium joinery, including even large aluminium windows, meets these standards and is thus counted among the so-called warm and energy-efficient glazing. In practice, this means that such windows provide very good thermal insulation for the building and thermal comfort for the occupants. In addition, aluminium windows meet the stringent requirements of passive and energy-efficient construction:

  • in passive windows, the heat transfer coefficient (U) must not exceed 0.8 W/m2K;
  • in energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, it must not exceed 0.9 W/m2K;

Aluminium windows that meet these requirements translate into economic benefits in the form of lower energy bills. Conversely, less electricity production also means less pollution of our planet. As far as the environment is concerned, the material itself – aluminium – is also environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant and around 75% of this metal is reused.

Aluminium joinery – style, elegance and modernity

More and more people are not only looking at energy efficiency, but also aesthetics when choosing windows. This is particularly important if you want to invest in premium glazing. Aluminium windows provide exceptional aesthetic qualities compared to other types of window joinery. Particularly noteworthy in this context are modern aluminium windows, especially large aluminium windows, which can achieve glazing sizes incomparable to other types of joinery.

After all, aluminium is a very lightweight material which is also distinguished by its enormous strength. As a result, aluminium frames can create monstrous constructions, which are ideal for modern construction, very often based on XXL glazing. Aluminium windows will look great not only in an office building, but also in a house or flat, maintained in a modern minimalist style. The slim and simple profile of such windows lends subtlety to interior design, while the metallic finish will be a great complement to the building shell or an intriguing contrast.

Aluminium windows – not only style and ecology, but also safety

When choosing windows for the home or office, most people take into account not only the designer finish and protection from the cold, but also burglary protection. In this context, many people aluminium windows with large glazing are wrongly regarded as particularly vulnerable to potential acts of vandalism. However, it should be noted at this point that large aluminium windows, are distinguished by their greater structural rigidity and higher glazing statics compared to other types of window joinery. In addition, the glass can be coated with a special anti-burglary coating.

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