Cleaning and maintenance of aluminium windows


Aluminium is one of the most commonly used materials in window joinery. Many people choose to install aluminium windows because of its many advantages, including its lightness, durability, resistance to damage, attractive appearance and the ability to glaze a very large area with it. Everyone wants their windows to function properly and remain beautiful for as long as possible. For this reason, cleaning and maintaining them is something you shouldn’t forget and, what’s more, you should do it regularly. If you are one of the lucky owners of aluminium windows, take a look at our article. You will find out how you should take care of your windows to enjoy their attractiveness and impeccable condition for a long time.

Regularity is key!

Aluminium windows like any other windows should be cleaned several times a year. Regular removal of the resulting dirt, dust and deposits protects the aluminium profiles from damage. The best way to do this is to use warm water with the possible addition of a mild detergent. Aluminium frames are resistant to harmful external influences. Aluminium windows are therefore resistant to sunlight or rain. Aluminium, therefore, does not require the use of specialised cleaning agents, of course, if the dirt is removed regularly.

Maintenance and cleaning of aluminium windows is very important – it can significantly extend their life and provide years of normal use. At the same time, regular cleaning of the window frame will also affect its appearance. Cleaning aluminium windows is not a difficult or time-consuming job – just a few minutes per week per window is enough to keep it in good shape. Which is important, because the price of aluminium windows is not low. So it is worth making an effort to keep them serving us for a long time. Cleaning and maintenance will certainly prolong this time.

It’s also important to make thorough window cleaning and maintenance a regular feature of your spring and autumn/winter cleaning. Everyone wants their windows to function properly and remain in good condition for as long as possible. What’s more, proper window cleaning and maintenance does not require a lot of money, a lot of effort or excessive time.

Aluminium windows – how do I keep them looking beautiful?

Over time, windows and doors naturally become dirty from airborne dust, car exhaust, birds and insects. Keeping them clean is essential.

Every window needs to be looked after – there is no doubt about that. Only then will the frames and glass look good, the aluminium profiles retain their function and the windows protect the flat or house from wind, moisture and low temperatures. However, depending on the material from which the window is made, it is worth knowing how to take care of it. The maintenance and cleaning of aluminium windows are not complicated or demanding. Cleaning the glass is done in the same way as for other types of windows.

Don’t forget about maintenance

The beauty of your windows can be maintained with regular cleaning. Special products are not necessary for aluminium profiles. Special products for aluminium windows are only necessary for stubborn stains such as paint.

To remove naturally deposited dust, it is sufficient to wipe with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of water and detergent and then dry the frames with a dry cloth We have already mentioned this. Car body care products that do not contain corrosive substances can also be effective in cleaning aluminium window frames. Such preparations are harmless to aluminium and do not damage the surface of the material.

Manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors do not recommend the use of solvents or acid-based cleaners. This means that they may damage the surface of the aluminium. Abrasives, coarse sponges and stiff bristles should not be used. When cleaning aluminium windows at least once a year, remember to service the window hardware and check that all components are securely fastened. It is also important to lubricate moving parts regularly. At the same time, the condition of the seals should be assessed. It may be worthwhile to protect them against external influences with special preparations. This will prevent excessive friction and protect them from damage. A structure protected in this way will withstand the harsh weather conditions of winter, so it is worth doing this, especially before winter arrives.

Aluminium frames are easy to keep clean. However, regular maintenance should not be neglected, as dirty or dusty profiles corrode more quickly.

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