Development of the aluminium window market globally and in Poland


In recent years, we have seen an increasing proportion of large-format windows – both in commercial and office construction, as well as in typical residential developments. Aluminium windows are perfect for large-format glazing and owe their growing popularity to this, but not only.

We take a closer look at the properties and applications of this type of window, and how it affects the global market for this type of joinery. We analyse the market for aluminium windows in Poland and around the world and examine the latest trends that are shaping this market and may be influencing it.

Aluminium window market – what is influencing its dynamic development?

For several years now, there has been an increase in sales of aluminium windows – both in our local Polish market and internationally. What is worth emphasising – our Polish aluminium windows are very popular on foreign markets, they have very good opinions, and the demand for them is growing all the time. The market development of a given industry is primarily influenced by the properties of a given solution and the translation of this into production costs – this in turn influences the demand for specific products and is linked to the price for a given product.

Aluminium windows – properties

What makes aluminium windows such a popular choice for investors? In order to answer this question, it is worth taking a look at the properties of these windows and the resulting application possibilities offered by aluminium windows. The properties of this type of window joinery are primarily:

  • substantially low weight compared to other types of windows;
  • the possibility of even making aluminium windows.
  • the possibility of making even very large glazings – window structures of up to 12 metres in length can be created from aluminium;
  • the possibility of making even very large glazings.
  • ease of shaping, and therefore windows of different shapes can be created;
  • ease of cleaning and care;
  • safety of use;
  • resistance to extreme weather conditions, even the harshest ones;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to the most severe weather conditions
  • high insulation performance;
  • lifetime of many years;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to weathering
  • the solution is ecological and environmentally friendly, the windows can even be 100% recycled;
  • modern character;
  • energy-efficient;
  • stability and very high strength of profiles;
  • resistance to moulds

It should be noted in all this that every year the performance of aluminium windows is getting better and more competitive with other types of window joinery.

Aluminium windows – applications

The aforementioned advantages of aluminium joinery mean that aluminium windows have a very wide range of applications. This is primarily influenced by the possibility of making very large glazings and producing windows in various shapes. This, in turn, means that every aluminium window manufacturer has the ability to produce such windows to individual dimensions and shapes.

Aluminium windows, especially those with large glazing, are therefore used for example in office buildings, where large glass panes have long been the norm. The same is true for commercial buildings, such as shopping centres and malls, but also public buildings, railway stations, airports and so on. Aluminium windows are also used in housing construction – both for flats in blocks of flats and for detached houses. They offer the opportunity to use, for example, large terrace or balcony doors, but also to create unusual glazing in the house.

Aluminium windows Poland – continuous market development

The market for aluminium windows in Poland developed significantly after our country joined the European Union. At that time, export increased almost 10 times! It is worth mentioning here that in 2021 it amounted to almost EUR 3 billion. These circumstances mean that Polish window and aluminium joinery is performing better and better every year.

Aluminium windows – Poland appreciated abroad

According to a study by economists from the Polish Economic Institute, the share of our Polish industry in total world exports is second – after China – when it comes to exports of aluminium windows and doors. The share of our companies in aluminium windows and doors exports was 9.2 per cent in 2021.

Aluminium windows World Poland – where do we sell the most products?

Polish companies export aluminium windows primarily to other European Union countries, as well as to the USA and the UK. The largest buyer of Polish aluminium joinery products is Germany. In 2022, our western neighbours purchased 25% of aluminium windows and doors from us. Other important customers are also France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden.

Aluminium windows in Poland – market opportunities and possible challenges

Opportunities for the aluminium joinery industry in Poland include:

  • development of commercial, retail and office construction;
  • increasing use of large-area glazing in residential construction;
  • thermal modernisation programmes;
  • fashion for smart home solutions;
  • fashion for modern arrangements such as glass and aluminium;

The aluminium window market in Poland may face challenges in the near future such as:

  • high inflation;
  • economic slowdown;
  • shortages of raw materials and semi-finished products;
    • high inflation;
    • economic downturn;
    • transportation problems;
    • predictable economic downturns
    • possible decline in demand for durable goods;

    Maintaining employment and manufacturing competitiveness may also prove to be a challenge for the market.

    Aluminium windows World – latest trends

    Although some predictions of the future should be approached with caution, especially when it comes to market issues, many of the trends described below concerning the aluminium window market, are already taking place. So let’s take a look at what is shaping the future of aluminium windows and what the trends are in this market.

    Aluminium windows – glass and aluminium

    Glass and aluminium is a trend that is growing in popularity. As a result, aluminium windows are finding their way into single-family homes – although previously they were mainly used in commercial and retail buildings. Not only does this combination look great, but it also stands out for its good thermal insulation properties for the home, and there is also the possibility of achieving large dimensions with little weight, all with the product’s great strength.

    Aluminium windows – large dimensions, light, luxury character

    As house designs are becoming more and more sophisticated, builders are increasingly choosing to incorporate large glazing. They give the houses a luxurious feel, optically enlarge the rooms and provide excellent light. Nowadays, the focus is on simplicity in the shape of such windows and their profiles. Angular profiles are the most common – thus going in the direction of minimalist aluminium window frames – they are flat, relatively small, have as low a fold as possible, and this allows plenty of light to enter the room.

    Aluminium windows in combination with PVC windows

    Every manufacturer of aluminium windows should also be prepared for one of the latest trends – that of combining large-size aluminium structures with warm, airtight – and at the same time economical – PVC windows. In such combinations, aluminium systems are usually found in the form of large glazings, as well as lift-and-slide windows and entrance doors. Other, smaller windows are still usually based on PVC profiles.

    Aluminium windows – smart home solutions

    The aluminium window market is also linked to trends in window automation, which is an integral part of the smart home system – smart home. Thanks to automation, which is based on the ability to control appliances using a smartphone, it is possible to adapt the home to the individual needs of the occupants and their lifestyle. The use of aluminium windows with smart technology is connected, among other things, to the benefits of large glazed aluminium joinery – as it can generate savings from prudent management not only of electricity, water or heating, but also flexible interior lighting.

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