How do you look after aluminium windows so that they last for years?


Aluminium windows are valued for their durability and aesthetics. However, in order for them to retain their properties over the years, proper maintenance is key. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of the windows, but also ensures their consistent energy efficiency and aesthetic appearance. In this article, we’ll focus on best practices for caring for aluminium windows that will help you keep your home’s window frames in excellent condition for years to come.

Cleaning and maintenance of aluminium surfaces

The basis of aluminium window care is regular cleaning. This should be carried out using a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent dissolved in water. Aggressive chemicals that may damage the surface of the aluminium should be avoided. It is worth remembering that the frequency of cleaning depends on the location of the windows. In areas with more air pollution, cleaning should be carried out more frequently.

After washing the surface, it is important to rinse thoroughly with water and dry to prevent streaks. Regular removal not only improves the appearance, but also prevents the accumulation of substances that could cause damage to the frames.

Maintenance of seals and insulation components

Gaskets in aluminium windows perform a key function in providing adequate insulation. It is important to be aware that, like any operated component, they can wear out over time. Consequently, this will lead to a deterioration in thermal and acoustic insulation. Regularly checking the condition of the seals (and replacing them when necessary) becomes an essential point of conscious maintenance of aluminium windows. It is recommended that the gaskets are carefully inspected at least once a year for cracks, hardening or other damage.

If damage is detected, the seals should be replaced. It is also good practice to clean them when cleaning the windows, again using a mild detergent. This action helps to remove accumulated dirt and dust, which contributes to a better seal. Taking proper care of the seals not only improves the energy efficiency of the windows, but also provides greater comfort.

Inspection and maintenance of opening mechanisms

The opening mechanisms on aluminium windows require regular attention to ensure they operate smoothly. This includes checking the hinges, handles and any other moving parts. It is recommended that they are thoroughly inspected at least once a year. Check that no parts of the window have come loose, that the mechanisms are not blocked and that there are no signs of wear.

Special grease or oil is used to maintain these components. However, it is important to remember to use these agents sparingly. Excess grease can attract dirt and dust, which can lead to deterioration of the mechanisms over time. Regular lubrication helps keep the movement smooth and prevents premature wear.

It is also worth remembering to adjust the mechanisms, especially for large windows, where uneven loading can affect their proper functioning. Minor adjustments can significantly extend the life of windows.

Aluminium window security – additional support

It is worth noting that high-quality aluminium windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without additional protection. Their natural resistance to corrosion and damage means that in most cases they do not require intensive protection. However, additional maintenance practices can serve as a back-up, giving even greater assurance of long-term maintenance of ideal condition.

The use of additional corrosion protection is optional, but can be beneficial in extreme conditions, such as proximity to the sea, where air saturated with sea salt can accelerate corrosion processes. In such situations, regular application of suitable preparations can further protect the windows against environmental influences.

In addition, although aluminium windows are water resistant, prolonged exposure to a stream of water, such as from irrigation systems, can affect their appearance over time. Planning the placement of additions around your home to avoid direct spray on your windows can be a sensible practice to protect your windows from potential damage.

Key principles of aluminium window care

An essential element in keeping aluminium windows in excellent condition is choosing the right supplier and following maintenance recommendations. High-quality aluminium windows, designed and manufactured by reputable manufacturers, offer durability and strength that minimise the need for intensive maintenance. However, even the best products require proper care to maintain their properties over many years.

Regular, gentle cleaning, checking the condition of the seals, proper maintenance of the opening mechanisms and optional use of additional security features are all activities that help to keep the windows in optimum condition. It is worth noting that following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations is extremely important. Each aluminium window manufacturer provides detailed care instructions that are tailored to the specific materials and technology used.

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