Sectional garage doors eko okna:
Sectional garage doors eko okna

INFINITY PREMIUM sectional door

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Tension springs

Doors with tension springs can be equipped with both an automatic drive (Somfy motor) and a manual drive. It is also possible to equip the door with an emergency battery. The door is controlled by a remote control as standard, although it can also be controlled by a wireless code keypad or, using a motor with iO technology, the door can be opened by geolocalisation.

Technical specifications:

  • maximum width: 4 m
  • maximum height: 3 m
  • maximum weight: 120 kg
  • minimum dimensions: eaves 90 mm, lintel 115 mm
  • CE certification based on tests by the Swedish Technical Research Institute SP

Torsion springs

This sectional garage door is equipped with torsion springs, located in the opening lintel or at the end of the horizontal tracks. This solution makes it possible to create a door of up to 15m2. The springs are located at the end of the horizontal tracks or in the lintel. Panels made by Hoesch or Epco, which are highly resistant to external conditions and provide high thermal insulation. A mechanism is used between the panels to protect the fingers from crushing. The armouring is coated with a special ZM EcoProtect coating to protect against corrosion.

Technical specifications:

  • maximum width: 5.5 m
  • maximum height: 3 m
  • maximum weight: 195 kg
  • minimum dimensions: eaves 75 mm, headroom 85/115 mm for rear springs or 200 mm for front springs
  • CE certification based on tests by the Swedish Technical Research Institute SP

Standard equipment:

  • Hoesch panels with finger protection mechanism
  • smooth or embossed panels
  • 1.5 mm thick steel guides
  • heavy-duty hinges
  • quiet rollers
  • Choice of torsion or tension springs
  • front and rear beam, reinforcing the structure

Optional equipment:

  • door operator Somfy, complete with two remote controls
  • Connexoon iO device with geolocation function
  • veneering or varnishing to match the colour of the windows and doors
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