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External roller shutters are one of the most popular shading solutions in single-family houses. This solution has a number of advantages, starting with its basic function – i.e. protection from the sun, as well as:

  • ensure the comfort of privacy
  • reduce heat loss
  • improve acoustics by reducing the intrusion of outside noise
  • provide protection against wind, rain, snow
  • can be integrated with mosquito nets
  • can provide additional burglary protection

Our business is based on the best system manufacturer of roller shutter solutions – ALUPROF:

Roller shutters in Aluprof SK adaptive systems are designed for use mainly in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is the lack of direct integration with the window, and thus the need to interfere with the current state of the building, as they do not require special preparations for installation and are not integrated with the window. Therefore, the decision to install roller shutters in an adaptive system can be made at any time. Due to the shape of the box, this solution looks perfect especially in a niche, where it is mounted directly on the window frame. However, the possibility of mounting the roller shutter directly on the building wall is not excluded.

SK system boxes are made of high-quality aluminium sheet, which, like PA profiles, is highly resistant. Its characteristic feature is its semi-oval shape, thanks to which it fits perfectly into any niche. The roller shutter curtain is most often based on PA profiles made of high-quality aluminium sheet filled with polyurethane foam, with a special two-layer PU / PA varnish coating. This makes them characterised by increased resistance to abrasion and weathering. More rigid and stable extruded aluminium profiles and plastic profiles are also available.

Operating comfort

Depending on the user’s needs, the roller shutters can be controlled: manually, by electric drive using a wall-mounted transmitter or remote control, or by using intelligent control via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Utility qualities

External roller shutters perform a very important function when it comes to the comfort of the building. In adverse weather conditions, they form a barrier which effectively protects windows against rain, snow or wind. In summer, on the other hand, they provide excellent protection against excessive sunlight, at the same time limiting the use of air-conditioning devices. In addition, a suitably selected external roller blind system provides effective protection against burglary. An advantage of these products is the possibility to use the Moskito system, which operates independently of the roller blinds and additionally protects the interior of the building against insects, while maintaining access to light and air.

Colour palette

The large selection of colours in the standard palette makes it possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The colour coatings of the extruded elements are made using the following methods depending on the customer’s wishes: powder coating and Decoral.

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