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S 9000 is a versatile, state-of-the-art system dedicated to windows, doors and lift and slide doors, offering two or three levels of sealing.

Advantages of the S 9000 system

  • Deep glazing packets – up to 54 mm deep triple glazing packets are possible
  • 3 seals
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to the six-chamber construction and increased depth of the frame and sash.
  • Optimised for STV® application – dry glazing bonding
  • Low profiles and a design angle of 15° at the front
Passive windows also in colour


GEALAN-FUTURA® is a profile combination with an elevated frame that, using standard 2 mm thick steel, gives you the opportunity to build passive windows in colour too! GEALAN-FUTURA® achieves the passive standard without the use of expensive additional elements such as steel with thermal break. Superb thermal insulation coefficient Uf equal to 0,89 W/(m2·K) is the result of careful design of construction details and the use of IKD® technology. Using STV® technology, it is possible to build windows up to 2.4 m high.

S 9000 plus

S 9000 plus is a new system with a centre seal. It is equipped with an anti-burglary fin on the window rebate, which provides mechanical protection of the window elements against external influences. Systems with a centre seal are distinguished by their excellent thermal insulation properties.

Enhanced burglary protection

It would seem that it is virtually impossible to achieve an even higher level of security with the S 9000 plus system than that offered by the standard version windows. However, the burglar-proof fin used in the S 9000 plus system effectively makes life difficult for potential burglars. Most burglaries are carried out by breaking windows open – for this purpose, the burglar inserts a screwdriver between the frame and the sash. In the case of the S 9000 plus system, however, he encounters an effective barrier in the form of an anti-burglary fin.

Ideal solutions for large window structures in colour

Thanks to its excellent static properties, the S 9000 plus system is ideally suited for the construction of large window elements in colour. Thanks to the use of STV® dry bonding technology, the S 9000 plus system provides additional advantages such as stability and safety in use.
Simply more light


GEALAN-LUMAXX is a combination of a traditional frame with a lowered sash, which allows you to achieve the effect of narrow window frames and consequently have up to 25% better light access. In GEALAN-LUMAXX, the low frame/sash combination has a height of 103 mm and is complemented by a design that includes a monostull combination with a sash width of just 106 mm. Previous designs with movable mullions often took up as much as 170 mm of window width or more. These massive assemblies with a wide mullion interfered with the silhouette of the window and significantly restricted the flow of light into the room. With GEALAN-LUMAXX, the use of lowered profiles and the effect of a delicate, slender window is finally possible without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Excellent thermal insulation

The excellent thermal insulation of the S 9000 system does not happen by chance, but is the result of targeted research and development work. The results speak for themselves. Numerous calculations have proven the achievement of excellent thermal insulation parameters. From the outset, the aim of the project was to achieve Uf = 0.92 W/m²K using standard steel reinforcements and thus meet the passive standard. This was achieved thanks to the synergy of innovative details used in the design of this system.

Colours in the S 9000 system

GEALAN offers various options when it comes to colour-finishing PVC windows. One of these is the proven GEALAN-acrylcolor® surface technology. The acrylcolor layer is scratch-resistant, easy-care and weather-resistant. Windows painted with GEALAN-acrylcolor® technology thus meet the highest technical and performance requirements for innovative coloured surfaces.

Numerous colour possibilities for window and door profiles are also provided by GEALAN’s comprehensive range of decorative films. Numerous colour variations are also available in the standard delivery programme. Additional shades and textures are available on request depending on the respective object.

availability class A

Standard veneers

standard colours


plain and matt veneers

accessibility class B

wood veneers

accessibility class B

metallic veneers

accessibility class B

RealWood veneers

accessibility class B

single-colour structured veneers

accessibility class B

metallic veneers

Accessibility class D

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