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PVC windows – triple-glazed, passive, energy-efficient

We offer a wide range of uPVC windows, made from the best quality materials. We focus on solidity and durability, which is why our uPVC windows are characterised by exceptional sound absorption and thermal insulation. A wide range of colours and various types, sizes and technical parameters of our windows are able to meet any expectations. Modern PVC windows are already a standard in sales – they are meant to be multifunctional: aesthetic, functional, durable and at the same time attractively priced.

Our product range includes various types of PVC windows. One of them are passive windows, i.e. windows adjusted to the lowest possible energy consumption. Their feature is to minimise the heat transfer coefficient of PVC windows. It is increasingly common to hear about passive houses, which economically reduce the amount of energy consumed as much as possible. You can choose a glazing package of 2 or 3 panes, which prevents heat loss while letting in as much light as possible. Three gaskets are an additional advantage.

Another type of uPVC window in our shop are energy-efficient windows. Prices are constantly rising these days, and with them the energy we consume. It is therefore worth making an effort to reduce these costs. The first step is to check the thermal insulation of the building and replace old windows, necessarily those from 20 years ago. Thermal insulation is now also a factor required by investors. Society’s awareness is growing, and when looking for PVC windows it knows that it’s better to opt for energy-efficient windows that reduce heating bills.

Our range in Łódź also includes uPVC windows for a block of flats, uPVC windows for a townhouse or uPVC windows for a basement – every building or room has its own specific requirements, and it’s worth taking them into account. In the colour range, you can choose not only many colours, but also types of wood. Why not be tempted by a uPVC window in an avant-garde shade of dark green or golden oak?

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