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PSK doors – an alternative to traditional balcony windows

PSK doors are an affordable way to combine functionality, design and comfort. What is behind these slogans? A guarantee of large glazing, providing adequate light in the room, saving floor space and ease of use.

What is behind these slogans?

Guaranteed to provide ample glazing for adequate light in the room, saving floor space and ease of use. PSK doors are a system that is certainly worth considering when planning a construction project. It is an interesting alternative to the classic two-wing balcony doors, thanks to which we can retain the function of tilting the upper part of the door and gain the possibility of sliding the wings. The sliding function saves a lot of space in the room. It is also an attractively priced alternative to HST systems and brings light into rooms.

The door requires planning of the room arrangement. However, it should be remembered that in this case we do not need to reserve the space necessary to open the leaf, as is the case with classic patio doors. A small space on the inside is enough to be able to move the door sideways. This makes the PSK solution ideal for small rooms where every centimetre of space counts. It is a very good solution for small flats or offices, as well as for detached houses. Regardless of the size and type of investment, PSK doors not only provide additional natural light for the room, which affects the comfort of living and working, but also give the interior a modern character.

We create PSK doors on the basis of all PVC systems in our offer

There are two patterns of door movement on the rails. In the first, the door consists of two leaves, one of which is a movable leaf. In the second, a movable post is used so that the two leaves straddle the rail opposite each other.

Sliding of the sashes is possible thanks to the use of a special fitting mechanism, which can also be equipped with the function of assisted tilt adjustment by means of the handle. After turning the handle from the closed position, the sash slides out into the room, perpendicular to the plane of the window, and then slides to the side.

PSK doors can take any colour from the Aluplast, Salamander and Eko Sun palette, and the profile can be veneered on one or both sides, as well as in duo-colour formula, which allows you to freely match the colour to both the interior and the façade. PSK doors can also be supplemented with ventilators and a warm spacer, which will improve insulation, ensure glass tightness, prevent heat loss and at the same time allow constant air circulation.

A functional addition to a sliding window is a sliding mosquito net, which is installed on the outside of the window frame. This not only provides comfort during the summer heat, but also offers the possibility of an anti-smog net, which will be particularly appreciated by residents of larger cities.

Thinking about installing PSK doors in your project? Not sure which PVC system to choose? Do you have any questions? Contact us and ask for help from our specialists, who will be happy to advise you on the best solution.

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