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SMART-SLIDE sliding doors are the new generation in sliding patio doors, which are characterised above all by their excellent technical features and ease of use.


The smart-slide sliding door is a new solution in the sliding door/window segment that can ultimately be an attractive alternative to PSK/PATIO terrace doors. This is an excellent solution for single-family houses, but also for public buildings where ease of use and reliability are expected of terrace doors. Thanks to a clever combination of technical solutions, SMART-SLIDE achieves very good results in terms of air permeability, wind pressure resistance and water tightness. This is all thanks to the tailor-made peripheral seals on the sash, which are pressed transversely against the frame along the entire circumference by turning the handle. High tightness is also ensured by the locking points in the mullion area.


Innovative locking mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation (see video), similar to solutions used in lift and slide doors, type HST. Specialised window fittings ensure that the sash, once unlocked, slides freely and without the slightest resistance on the bogies relative to the unopened part of the structure. The locking mechanism allows the sash to close gently in the frame, thereby making it easy to operate the sliding door.

Take a look at the video below to see how SMART-SLIDE doors work in practice:

Large glass surfaces are very much in fashion. SMART-SLIDE sliding doors meet this trend by providing a white glazed design. measuring 5.8 x 2.4 m in scheme C. The maximum dimensions of the SMART-SLIDE sliding door in scheme A are 4000 x 2400 mm in white (3800 x 2300 in colour), a ich podział może być symetryczny lub asymetryczny. Ryglowanie na całym obwodzie skrzydła zapewnia dużą siłę docisku, a jednocześnie po otwarciu skrzydło przesuwa się niezwykle lekko, przy użyciu minimalnej siły. Jest to bardzo istotny atut szczególnie w porównaniu z konstrukcjami odstawno-przesuwnymi, które przy dużej liczbie cyklów otwierania/zamykania mogą być kłopotliwe w eksploatacji. In addition, thanks to the profile design using Multifalz technology, it is possible to optionally use glazing bonding technology, which allows the entire structure to be more rigid.


The new SMART-SLIDE doors are characterised by their ease of manufacture, which ensures high production efficiency. This is made possible primarily by the low number of profiles used in their manufacture. As with the patio doors, the frame is welded, the system uses a mullion from the Ideal 4000 system and the fixed glazing is carried out directly in the frame. All production can be carried out using standard machinery.

A sash depth of 70 mm and a frame depth of 140 mm provide the new smart-slide sliding door with a wide range of application options, including in the area of renovation.

  • Frame installation depth 140 mm
  • Sash rebate depth 70 mm
  • can be glazed with packets of up to 42 mm
  • modern classic-line design
  • feasible A+C schemes
  • concealed hardware mechanisms
  • available in three core colours: white, brown, anthracite and a wide range of decorative foils


The use of SMART-SLIDE sliding doors is also a step towards optimum use of interior space, as the opening of the doors does not require the opening of the wings, which would deeply “enter” the living space. SMART-SLIDE doors can be manufactured in two schemes A and C:

  • A: 2-quadrant – with one movable wing

  • C: 4-quadrant – with two central movable wings




The SMART SLIDE door not only offers potential gains and comfort satisfaction, but also an interesting proposition from a functional design point of view. The construction has a minimalist and somewhat Scandinavian design. The non-openable part of the fixed glazing realised in extremely narrow profiles allows the maximisation of glazed areas and the reduction of the frame area, which is in line with customer expectations and trends in modern glazing design.



SMART-SLIDE doors are available in the wide range of decorative foils we offer, as well as aluskin aluminium overlays can be used in this system, further extending the range of colour options available. Now you can easily match, select and preview how the colours of the individual building elements harmonise with each other thanks to the Aluplast colour configurator.


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