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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors, as the name suggests, are made up of sections or panels, so they easily slide upwards and stay below the ceiling. They allow us to increase the space in the garage and open the door conveniently and quickly. The sectional door consists of several components: the door leaf, horizontal and vertical guides which form a whole with the steel fittings as well as other accessories. The garage door is fitted with a drive system. Manual opening is possible, but the most convenient option is the automatic opening of the door using a remote control button, when you do not have to leave the car during rainy weather and the door opens by itself.

Why choose sectional doors?

The sections are jointed in such a way as to prevent fingers from being trapped, so they are safe for children and adults. Adequate heat and sound insulation is provided by sealing around the entire perimeter of the door. Obstacle protection is provided by an overload safety device that brakes the door on contact with an object. Photocells register the movement of objects and respond by stopping the door movement. A sectional door can be fitted with an access door integrated into the door to reduce heat loss and remove smaller objects, such as a bicycle. We offer a wide range of colours, designs, structures and embossments in sectional doors. We will match your sectional garage door to any building – the sectional door will be a functional and aesthetically pleasing element to match the façade!

Robust sectional gates from Wiśniowski

In our offer you can find sectional garage doors from the gate manufacturer Wiśniowski. They are characterised by the use of state-of-the-art technology, which ensures the highest quality and accuracy in every detail. Wiśniowski garage doors are created from robust materials – steel panels and galvanised elements guarantee durability and resistance to external factors. What’s more, Wiśniowski creates collections that set new trends and create a design that is integrated into the entire home. By investing in the trusted Wiśniowski brand, you are investing in safety, functionality and reliability for many years to come!

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