Sectional garage doors from Wiśniowski:
Sectional garage doors from Wiśniowski

Unipro sectional gates

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Modern garage doors designed and built with demanding users in mind

UniPro sectional garage doors are the most comfortable solution for garages. They are a heat retaining door (heat transfer coefficient Uk = 1.07 [W / m2xK]) designed especially for insulated garages.


  • doors made of 40 mm steel panels filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam
  • construction of galvanised steel elements
  • the doors move along vertical and horizontal tracks under the ceiling
  • Seal around the entire door perimeter
  • seal against the floor on the lower panel
  • seal between the upper panel and the lintel secured by a gasket fixed in the first or second
  • the panels have anti-break joints and seals in the joints of the two panels
  • available in manual and motorised versions

Functionality and safety

  • Specially shaped panels (inside and outside) to prevent finger trapping
  • Cushioning device in the event of lifting ropes breaking
  • Photocells ensure that the door is locked and returns to the open position in the event of an obstruction
  • Anti-overload device, when an obstacle is encountered, a motor-mounted switch locks the door leaf and raises it
  • Integrated safety device in case of torsion spring fracture for maximum safety
  • Robust construction and a unique sheet forming process are the basis of a well-made sectional door
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