Sectional garage doors from Wiśniowski:
Sectional garage doors from Wiśniowski

PRIME sectional gates

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Imagine a new generation garage door. A door that is not a transformation of existing solutions, but the creative result of a search for a balance between modern technology, quality, safety and design.

This is the PRIME door. Innovative, refined in every detail, it reflects what you need. It’s a door with complete and fully automatic hardware so that, by taking control of the remote control every day, you can be sure you have chosen the best.

The PRIME garage door is second to none, with its classic lines foreshadowing what lies within the cleverly designed door.

INNOVO 60 mm panel

  • Panel section with internal protection, mounted on the inside of the jacket.
  • Flexible protection between panels
  • Aluminium profile for attachment of flexible safety devices
  • Five layers of sheet metal in the hinge mounting area
  • Sealing between panels
  • Concealed zip
  • Polyurethane foam

A new definition of SAFETY

The individual systems that make up the secure door depend on each other and connect to certain parts of the structure. Like the fixed guide guards, the movable roller guards, the integrated motor shaft protection, the side guides and spring guards, as well as the flexible internal guards at the panel connection point.
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