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MB-79N, which is the most advanced and economical window and door system in Aluprof’s range, has been developed with increased thermal insulation requirements in mind. It is used to realise a variety of constructions such as fixed, casement, tilt, tilt and turn and tilt and slide windows, single and double-leaf external doors, as well as shopfront solutions with doors.

In addition to the economical MB-79N E version with a one-component central gasket in the windows and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central gasket, the system also includes the MB-79N SI variant. The latter is characterised by the best thermal insulation, containing profiles with insulating inserts and a two-component central gasket.

An MB-79N SI+ variant with insulating inserts inside the profiles and a central gasket is also available for external doors. An outward-opening window system with a thermal break, MB-79N Casement, and a window system with a concealed sash, MB-79N US, are also included in the offer.

Uw from 0,64 W/(m2K)


  • profiles with a depth of 79 mm (window casement) and 70 mm (frame and door casement)
  • thermal breaks made of an innovative material with a new shape, allowing the seal to be applied to the profile insulation zone in both windows and doors
  • 3 thermal construction variants for windows (MB-79N E, MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI) and 3 variants for doors (MB-79N ST, MB-79N SI and MB-79N SI+)
  • construction that meets the requirements of the Technical Conditions from 2021 for windows (0,9 W/(m2K) and doors (1,3 W/(m2K))
  • thermal insulation: UW from 0,64 W/(m2K)
  • very good kinematics, allowing for the construction of narrow opening windows
  • the door leaf profiles have an expansion joint, which eliminates thermal stress during use
  • the possibility of using invisible hinges and the most popular perimeter fittings, including concealed fittings, together with the state-of-the-art AluPilot window fitting; fittings with automation and access control functions are also available on doors
  • a wide range of glazing with 2- or triple glazing packets with a thickness of up to 63 mm for windows and up to 54 mm for doors, which allows the use of all common types of glass, including acoustic or burglar-proof glass
  • possibility to produce burglar-proof doors in classes RC1 – RC3 as well as panel doors, offering a wide range of aesthetic possibilities
  • a large selection of handles in different design ranges, including handles with a visible escutcheon or without escutcheons, with a minimalist look
  • an outward opening window variant with thermal break MB-79N Casement and a window variant with concealed casement MB-79N US are available

Technical data and parameters

Frame depth
70 mm
Sash depth 70 mm
Glazing thickness
wing: 1,5 – 54 mm
Max. wing dimensions (H×L) H to 2800 mm, L to 1400 mm

Air permeability
class 4, EN 12207
Waterproof class E 900, EN 12208
Thermal insulation
UD from 0,90 W/(m2K)***
Wind load resistance class C5/B5, EN 12210

*** – UD MB-79N SI+ door with 1400×2800 mm sash size, with glass Ug=0,5 W/(m2K)

Examples of heat transmission coefficients UD

Glass with Multitech frame
Dual chamber Single-chamber
Ug=0,5 Ug=0,7 Ug=1.0
MB-79N E (ST) 1.16 1.29 1.51
MB-79N SI 1.06 1.20 1.44
MB-79N SI+ 1.01 1.14 1.35
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