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ALIPLAST Genesis 75

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ALIPLAST Genesis 75 aluminium profiles are used in the design of windows for residential and public buildings. These are high-end profiles that guarantee high energy efficiency and excellent thermal performance.

The key features and characteristics of this system are:

  • three-chamber system for windows and doors intended for construction of windows with increased thermal insulation
  • Excellent thermal performance of the Genesis 75 window (Uw from 0.90)
  • 75 mm deep frame sections
  • the large range of Genesis 75 sections/profiles enables the design of modern windows, doors and showcases with high functionality
  • additional thermal seal to ensure very high window tightness (air infiltration, water tightness) and innovative design and aesthetics
  • choice of different profile finishes (also renovation profiles), giving the window structure its individual character
  • all-glass corner connection possible at 90 degrees
  • Genesis OUT option available (Genesis OUT i, Genesis OUT i+) – windows opening outwards
  • wide range of colours – RAL (Qualicoat 1518), structural colours, wood-effect colours Aliplast Wood Colour Effect (Qualideco PL-0001), anode (Qualanod 1808), bi-colour
  • Genesis 75 also allows for door constructions

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system material frame depth sash depth thickness of glazing type of windows door type
GN 75 window
aluminium / insulation material 75 mm 84 mm fix 1 – 56 mm / 9-65 mm walls, fixed, tilt-and-turn windows
GN 75 doors aluminium/polyamide 75 mm 75 mm 1 – 59 mm single-leaf, double-leaf, opening outwards , opening inwards, panic doors


Genesis 75

system thermal insulation Uf* air permeability wind load waterproof
GN 75 window
Uf from 0,84 W/m2 Class 4; PN-EN 12207 Class C4 (2400 Pa); PN-EN 12210 E2400 (2400Pa); PN-EN 12208
GN door Uf from 1,625 W/m2K Class 4; PN-EN 12207 Class C5 (2000Pa); PN-EN12210 E1200 (1200Pa); PN-EN 12208
GN i+ door Uf from 1,195 W/m2K Class 4; PN-EN 12207 Class C5 (2000Pa); PN-EN12210 E1200 (1200Pa); PN-EN 12208

Technical sketches

Examples of projects by a profile manufacturer

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