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Innovative window and door system

Aluminium System AS 75 by ALURON is a three-chamber system for the production of thermally insulated window and door structures using the innovative ANTI-BI-METAL technology, which prevents the deformation of door leaves when heated by sunlight, as well as at very low temperatures. The system meets the requirements of all current and future thermal insulation standards, including acoustic insulation, as confirmed by independent tests at renowned institutes.

Dedicated to industrial spaces is the AS 75 INDUSTRIAL window variant characterised by a special design. It is complemented by system muntins: flat or spatial.


  • 4 window design variants
  • Adapted for use with intelligent buildings
  • Integration with other Aluron systems
  • Aluminium drain plugs
  • Arc structures, including welded structures
  • Low balcony threshold

Selected features and parameters of the AS 75 window system

  • Window frame depth 75 mm
  • Scope of glazing to 66 mm
  • Depth of window sashes 84 mm
  • Thermal insulation Uw windows from 0,67 W/m2K
  • Possible fitting types [visible and concealed] aluminium, PVC
  • Waterproof E 1950
  • Air permeability 4 class
  • Wind load resistance C5
  • Burglary resistance RC2, RC3



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