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Fintecnic introduces a new aluminium system to its range!

An absolute novelty in our range of aluminium windows.
Even more modern, even more energy-efficient Yawal TM 77N system !

The TM 77N solution is a response to the growing requirements of individual customers, for whom not only energy efficiency but also aesthetics and comfort of window use are important.

Key benefits of the TM 77N system:

  • high thermal and acoustic insulation, which guarantees reduced heating and air conditioning costs;
  • Eco seals made from environmentally friendly materials. Eco gaskets improve the insulation of windows and are also fully recyclable, which has a huge impact on lowering the carbon footprint;
  • window joinery based on the TM 77N system has been equipped with modern thermal separators and insulating inserts, and the improved kinematics allows even larger window structures to be created;
  • the Yawal TM 77N system allows for the implementation of the joinery in three thermal options, which allows for individual selection of the system to meet one’s own energy needs – whether for detached houses, commercial buildings or industrial facilities;
  • quick and easy installation – the TM 77N system simplifies and speeds up the installation process, allowing investors to plan further work on site efficiently.

The Yawal TM 77N system is a unique solution for modern single-family homes, for investors who value comfort and design.

Fintecnic offers a wide range of aluminium systems to suit every investor’s needs.

Contact our specialists and ask about the best solutions for you and your investment!

Comparison of the TM-77HI and TM-77N designs

Thermal breaks, gaskets and insulating liners

New thermal breaks:

  • Material change to PA66 GF25 with reduced thermal conductivity​
  • Improved thermal insulation​

The right insulation materials are not only a guarantee of safety and comfort, but also the potential for significant savings.

New insulating liners

  • One material (XPS instead of XPS and PIR)

  • Enlarged liner dimensions = Improved thermal insulation

New insert for insulating the space between the profile and the glass pane

  • The shape of the foam has been redesigned

  • Easier installation – faster application in the window

  • Improved insulation properties

  • Improved drainage and ventilation

  • Ecological material used, 100% recyclable

New central gasket

  • Works with optional heat seal

  • Easier application

  • Changing the gasket material to TPE

  • Reduction in thermal conductivity of the gasket material

  • Gasket is 100% recyclable

  • Improving airtightness

  • Weldable

  • Reducing the pressure needed to close the window

  • Possibility of colouring the gasket in any colour

New thermal seal

  • Easy application

  • Change of gasket material to foamed TPE

  • Reduction in thermal conductivity of the gasket material

  • Gasket is 100% recyclable

  • Optional component in a modular system

New internal swing gasket

  • Easy application

  • Unambiguous installation (reduced risk of errors)

  • Reducing the pressure needed to close the window

Optional external swing gasket

  • Reducing the pressure needed to close the window

  • Improved sound insulation

Changing the outer half-profile in the sash

  • Profile from TM 102

New glazing sets

New under glazing gasket with symmetrical shape and one thickness

  • Elimination of mistakes during installation

  • Single gasket thickness in sashes and fixed glazing

  • Reducing the visibility of seals

New glazing gaskets

  • Faster installation

  • Joining in one place only – straight cut

  • Improved tightness and accommodating dimensional tolerances of glazing units

  • Reduction in the number of seals from 14 to 6

New profiles for glazing

  • Increased resistance to burglary (standard)

  • Reduction in the number of glazing profiles from 23 to 9

Under-glazing pad

New glazing pad

  • Increased load-bearing capacity for glazing

  • Supporting the full depth of glass

  • Improved drainage and ventilation

  • One universal pad for sash and frame

  • Universal for TM 77N, TM 62, TM 77 BIFOLD systems

The TM 77N window system is available in 3 thermal versions

Cross-section through the distribution of isotherms – TM 77N ST variant

Cross-section through the distribution of isotherms – variant TM 77N I

Cross-section through the distribution of isotherms – TM 77N HI+ variant

Window system TM 77N – Sound insulation

Type of window Glazing type RW (C; Ctr)
Fixed window 6/18Ar/4/18Ar/4 38 (-3; -8)
8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/VSG 66.2T 43 (-1; -2)
VSG 68.4 Acoustic/15Ar/4/12Ar/VSG 88.2T 49 (0; -2)
Tilt&Turn window 6/18Ar/4/18Ar/4 35 (-1; -4)
8T/16Ar/6/16Ar/VSG 66.2T 43 (-2; -4)
VSG 68.4 Acoustic /15Ar/4/12Ar/VSG 88.2T 46 (-2; -3)

Technical parameters and characteristics of the TM 77N

ENERGY Thermal insulation EN 10077-2 Uw from 0.62 W/m2K
COMFORT Sound insulation EN ISO 140-3 Rw = do 49dB
Air permeability EN 12207 Class 4
Water resistance EN 12208 from E1500 to E1950
SECURITY Wind load resistance EN 12210 Class C5
Burglar resistance EN 1627 RC2

Technical parameters and characteristics of the TM 77N

Frame construction depth 77 mm
Structural depth of the sash 86,4 mm
Filling thicknessa 19 ÷ 67 mm
Maximum sash dimensions L x H 1600 x 3000 mm
Maximum sash weight 300 kg
Construction type walls, fixed window,
swinging, tiltable,
tilt and turn
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