Aluminium windows

Aluron AS 52

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Window and door system for external installation

Constructions manufactured on ALURON’s AS 52 aluminium profiles are intended for the manufacture of lightweight structures, such as windows, doors or display cases, with high utility properties and good thermal parameters.

Selected system features and parameters

  • Depth of window frame and door profiles 52 mm
  • Scope of glazing to 42,5 mm
  • Thermal insulation Ud of the door from 1,55 W/m2K
  • Thermal insulation Uw of windows and display cases from 1,06 W/m2K
  • Possible fitting types aluminium
  • Possible fitting types PCV


  • Aluminium drain plugs
  • Self-cleaning glazing area
  • Possibility of curved, welded structures
  • Fully flush with the frame in door leaves
  • Door can be fitted with rebate and surface-mounted hinges



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