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Aluminium windows, PVC windows, wooden windows in Katowice – a difficult choice!

When faced with the task of choosing windows for a new house, flat or other building, we need to familiarise ourselves with the options – that is, the range of window joinery in Katowice: specifications for aluminium windows, PVC windows and timber windows. In order to make an informed and correct choice, it is useful to know something more about the different options.

PVC windows in Katowice – easy to maintain, attractively priced

Plastic windows in our country are generally referred to as PVC windows, but the correct term is PVC (polyvinyl chloride – polyvinyl chloride PVC, PVC). The Polish and English abbreviations have merged to form the popular name PVC windows.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of uPVC windows in Katowice is their price – they are inexpensive and cheap to maintain. We can find offers from many companies with competitive uPVC window rates in Katowice. The technical parameters largely depend on the glazing package or the thickness of the profile, so you need to pay more attention to these specifications when buying plastic windows. Besides, uPVC windows are easy to clean, you can choose their colour from a palette of various colours, even in wood-like shades. On the other hand, they cannot be repaired in case of damage and are not suitable for large glazings.

Wooden windows from Katowice – natural elegance

Wooden windows in Katowice fetch quite high prices, but a natural, noble raw material and ecological elegance cannot be cheap. Innovative production techniques, specialist varnishes and impregnants make wooden windows characterised by durability, high thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to moisture. They are the right choice for those who value ecology, minimalism or want to achieve a specific effect in interior design, e.g. planning a rustic interior. In Poland, larch, pine or exotic meranti wood is most often chosen. Each type of wood gives wooden windows in Katowice a unique character. Due to the use of paints and special protective agents, wooden windows require more frequent maintenance.

Lightness, durability, modernity – aluminium windows in Katowice

Aluminium windows in Katowice are particularly valued for their weather and corrosion resistance, lightness and durability. Their particular use is well suited to large-scale glazing, as well as modernist interiors and modern constructions. They are more expensive than PVC windows in Katowice, but do not have such good insulating properties due to the fact that aluminium is an energy conductor.

Position of the window in the wall thickness

Thermal insulation is one of the most important factors when choosing windows, whether wooden or PVC windows. Through proper installation and the best technical parameters, heat loss can be minimised. The type of PVC window should be selected according to the type of wall and installed in the right place:

  • single-pane PVC windows – half the thickness of the wall
  • uPVC double-glazed windows – at the outer edge of the wall
  • three-layer PVC windows – in the plane of insulation.

It is worth getting acquainted with the full offer of the uPVC window distributor Fintecnic in Katowice – we can find models of wooden windows, aluminium windows, uPVC windows and sliding windows as well as doors, garage doors or external blinds.

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