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The highest quality uPVC windows in Lublin – comfort and safety

The quality of the uPVC windows in Lublin that we choose for our home has a huge impact on the subsequent functioning and comfort of our home. Warmth, safety and aesthetics depend mainly on the uPVC windows, wooden windows or aluminium windows in our flat in Lublin.

Wooden or PVC windows? What to choose in Lublin

Versatility, price, a product that has proven itself over the years – these aspects mainly speak for the greatest popularity of PVC windows in Lublin. High-quality uPVC windows guarantee a low thermal transmittance coefficient, which reduces the heating bills in the flat. Another advantage is the presence of many companies offering various models and sizes of uPVC windows, thanks to which we have a large, competitive choice and everyone is sure to find something to suit their expectations. Another advantage is that there is no need for care or maintenance other than cleaning the windows, and they are resistant to weather conditions and moisture – PVC windows from Lublin will provide high functionality without major requirements.

Wooden windows are characterised by timeless elegance and the prestige of using a noble natural material. In addition to mountain wooden cottages and rustic interiors, wooden windows in Lublin are increasingly being purchased for detached houses. Wood has high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters, and the offer includes wooden windows made of various types of wood. The most important issue when buying wooden windows in Lublin is their price – as they are relatively expensive. You also have to reckon with their maintenance – they require special varnishes and protectants. However, this should not discourage anyone – their aesthetics, elegance and good technical specification will defend themselves!

And maybe aluminium windows in Lublin?

Among the important parameters of aluminium windows in Lublin, the resistance to various atmospheric factors: rain and snow, wind or long-term moisture and corrosion must be mentioned first. Elements such as synthetic rubber gaskets are helpful in achieving this. Non-susceptibility to microbiological agents is also an important consideration. These aspects make aluminium windows in Lublin durable and long-lasting. It should be added that in the event of a fire, aluminium windows are a safe solution, as they will not catch fire. The most frequently cited advantage of aluminium windows is their predisposition to create large, bulky glazing – they are perfect for this due to their rigid stability! Like uPVC windows in Lublin, aluminium windows come in a wide range of colours and are often manufactured to order in various shapes. The disadvantage you will find with them is the inferior thermal insulation parameters compared to PVC and timber windows in Lublin, which can however be modified with various thermal separators.

This is only a part of the offer of the distributor of Fintecnic windows – on the company’s website you can find a full range of window joinery products – PVC windows, aluminium windows and wooden windows from Lublin, as well as doors, external roller blinds, sectional gates and much more! Feel free to contact us and make your purchase!

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