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Best uPVC windows – Warsaw

Windows are undoubtedly one of the most essential components of a building. A key aspect in the installation of PVC windows in Warsaw is proper planning and execution – only the correct installation of windows guarantees the best functionality. Thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the aesthetics of PVC windows integrated into the façade and many years of trouble-free use – these are the most important tasks of PVC windows in Warsaw!

Wood windows – a modern view of a traditional material

In the past, wooden windows were associated with leaks and insecurity – their construction had many leaks, and wooden windows that had not been replaced for years could shatter in stronger breezes. Nowadays, wooden windows from Warsaw are a symbol of prestige, which is particularly evidenced by their prices – more expensive by several per cent than PVC window models. Both wooden and PVC windows can achieve similar technical specifications, but there are elements that make them individually applicable.

The most commonly used tree species for timber windows is pine – the cheapest and most widely available option today. More expensive models of wooden windows in Warsaw come from more durable tree species, such as larch, spruce or fir. The treatment of wooden windows is undoubtedly more demanding than the preparation of PVC windows in Warsaw. Wooden windows are called solid structures, which makes them heavier than plastic windows. They therefore use three-layer alternating gluing to withstand daily use. Properly prepared wood for wooden windows in Warsaw is more rigid and can withstand temperature changes more easily than PVC windows. This is often used when choosing wooden windows in Warsaw for large glazed areas.

Wood is a material that is perfectly suited for obtaining unusual window frames. If you dream of elaborate shapes, it is worth choosing wooden windows in Warsaw! An aspect you need to pay more attention to with wooden windows is their maintenance. In this respect, they are more demanding than PVC windows in Warsaw – it is useful to check the condition of the varnish every 6 months and renew and conserve them every 4 years or so. A bit of work is needed to maintain the best quality and longevity of beautifulwood windows in Warsaw!.

Aluminium windows from Warsaw – notable durability

Aluminium windows owe their fame to their remarkable durability. Aluminium is a rust-resistant and soft material that stands out for its modern appearance. An important attribute of aluminium windows in Warsaw is their flexibility, which allows for the creation of various arches or curved structures. Its disadvantage, on the other hand, is its thermal as well as sound conductivity, which makes it characterised by poor insulation parameters.

Fintecnic also offers energy-efficient aluminium windows in Warsaw, whose low heat transmission is achieved thanks to an additional central chamber seal and special glazing gaskets. The two thermal variants of this SUPERIAL model aluminium windows in Warsaw are ideal for energy-efficient construction.

Take a look at our full range of uPVC windows in Warsaw, wooden windows in Warsaw and aluminium windows from Warsaw – Fintecnic!

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