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Aluprof MB-SR50N

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The MB-SR50N HI+ system is dedicated to the creation of lightweight structures such as curtain and infill type curtain walls, roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. To ensure optimum insulation parameters – thermal and acoustic, as well as to facilitate the installation of facades, an LDPE insulator was used. This material guarantees excellent thermal insulation (U from 0.59 W/m2K) and facilitates the installation of glass in the façade.

The MB-SR50N HI+ system makes it possible to build facades with distinctive, narrow dividing lines, while ensuring the robustness and strength of the structure. The wide range of profiles allows architects and designers to realise even the most daring concepts for aluminium and glass structures.

Uf from 0,59 W/(m2K)

Facade system / MB-SR50N HI

MB-SR50N systems and its version with increased thermal insulation, MB-SR50N HI, are designed for the creation and realisation of lightweight structures such as curtain and infill type curtain walls, roofs, skylights and other spatial structures. The system, in line with the latest architectural trends, allows mullion and transom profiles to be flush with the inside of the façade, as well as creating a variety of external aesthetic variations. In addition, it forms the basis for fire protection solutions.

Technical sketches

Arrangement of isotherms in the MB-SR50N HI+ facade (-20°C; +20°C)


  • the MB-SR50N HI+ system is certified by the PHI Darmstadt Institute in the highest A+ class, which is a confirmation that the constructions made using it may be used in the construction of passive buildings
  • Angled connections to allow free shaping of aluminium buildings
  • the innovative solution of reducing sagging makes it possible to realise very wide sections with up to 4 m of load – the infill of a fixed facade module can weigh up to 1100 kg
  • aesthetic façade variations and a range of overlay profiles in different shapes provide many variations of the façade image
  • wide range of façade opening elements: various types of windows and doors, including skylights, windows integrated in the façade, as well as tilt and parallel opening windows MB-SR50N OW
  • Sharp-edged columns and transoms to create load-bearing façade structures with a uniform lattice appearance
  • modern solutions of accessories and connectors allow to achieve increased ranges of transfer and also tilt and parallel opening windows MB-SR50N OW
  • large glazing range and available insulators and accessories to achieve high levels of thermal insulation in facades
  • possibility to bend profiles and build curved structures
  • CE marking possible

Technical data and parameters

Depth of columns
50 – 325 mm
Depth of transoms 5 – 189,5 mm
Stiffness of the columns (range wsp. lx)
26,04 – 4123,45 cm4
Rigidity of the rafters (range wsp. lz)
0,79 – 629,54 cm4
Scope of glazing do 64 mm

Air permeability
AE 1200, EN 12152
Waterproof RE 1200, EN 12154 RE 1500, EN 12154
Wind load resistance
2,4 kN/m2, EN 13116
Impact resistance
I5/E5, EN 14019
Thermal insulation Uf from 0,59 W/(m2K) Uf from 0,85 W/(m2K)
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